1. Y

    Wanted major is not in listed in the academic discipline list

    Hello everyone. I am accepted into Baylor University as a kinesiology major, unfortunately, I do not see kinesiology listed in the list. For now, I just put physiology as my discipline but I don't know how the scholarship (if I win it) will apply. Will I have to change majors to match the chosen...
  2. A

    Undecided Major?

    Good morning, I'm a soon to be cadet candidate for CGAS 2023 and hopefully future class of '28. I am really torn between 3 academic majors, and I don't know what would be best for my career. Preferably, I want to stay on the operational/leadership side of things, do an ice breaker tour, and...
  3. H

    General major AFROTC reboarded

    DD has heart set on AFROTC- ACT 31 unweighted GPA 3.7 in Cambridge and AP. But, she plans to major in Psych. Clearly tech majors get more offers, but they could surely fill every spot with those and don’t. It is just hard to find any good info on the other 20%. How does selection for those...
  4. tpaine7

    College Major - Before a Commission

    I have recently started an application to the University I wish to attend; however, I am having trouble deciding on a major. I have always had an interest towards architectural, aeronautical, and civil engineering, but I feel it would do me no good as a Marine officer; I am looking to make a...
  5. D

    How do the Licensed Marine Engineering Majors Work?

    I've seen this topic brought up a few times, but I need some clarification and advice. Probably in stupid question territory, but insight is needed. How do the Marine Engineering Systems and Marine Engineering/Shipyard Management majors compare? I've looked online at the curriculum, and they...
  6. ThePilot18

    AFROTC Scholarship Major Question

    Hi all, I was looking at which majors the Air Force considers "technical" (and thus, priority will be given to them as far as AFROTC high school scholarships go). I noticed that there are honestly not many degrees it has listed, in my opinion. My question is, given these majors...
  7. AKFutureFrogman21'

    New Major

    Hello, I’m a reapplicant to the class of 2024. I recently started the application process again by filling out part 1. Whilst putting in my preference of major, I noticed a drop down option for Electric Power. Is USMMA exploring adding a new “Electric Power” major? Or was this a typo? Or am I...
  8. C

    Choosing a major.

    So I’ve no idea if I’ll get into KP this year. Or the next. That being said, I’ve no doubt I’ll get in eventually with enough work and perseverance on my part. (My stats are competitive, I’ve just got to work on fitness) Regardless, I’m sure I want to attend. The thing is, if/once I get in...
  9. U

    ABET Certified Requirement?

    My DS is a freshman on a Type 1 scholarship at an Ivy. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and is happy to do so, but would like to double major in Russian (another AFROTC desired major). He is being told by his unit that a BS in Mech E is not sufficient; he must get the ABET Certified...
  10. A

    Aerospace Engineering

    Hello, I am a high school junior and am going to be applying to USAFA and USNA. I would like to major in aerospace engineering and was wondering which academy has a better aerospace engineering program. Also, I was wondering what types of jobs a cadet majoring in aerospace engineering...
  11. Paul111

    I Need Help with My Decision: USNA or Civilian College

    Hi all, I have to make my college decision by tomorrow at midnight. I'm between USNA and an elite business program at the University of Cincinnati (where I live). I've called, emailed, and spoken with dozens of different people (current students, grads, respected adults, friends) trying to make...
  12. C

    Is it impossible to switch from tech major to nontech (before you accept)?

    Hi, I believe I have a very good chance of getting a type 2 AFROTC scholarship, maybe even a type 1. My application is going to the board this Monday. My listed majors are Computer Science and Chemistry. Since my friend is an East Asia Studies major with a Chinese scholarship (she just takes...
  13. C

    Urgent AFROTC Majors Question

    Hi, So my AFROTC scholarship application will be going to the board held this Monday, which means tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day I can edit the listed majors on my application. I've looked and looked, but couldn't find a clear answer to this: when offered a tech scholarship, can you...
  14. afrotc2022

    Listing Majors on the AFROTC Application

    Sorry, I've asked about this before... I just recently finished my AFROTC HSSP application (including the interview). I have a couple of weeks before the board will review my application, and I want to make sure that I have my desired majors listed in the best way possible. If I had my choice...
  15. L

    Best major for intelligence career?

    Hello, if appointed to West Point, my original intentions were to major in chemical or nuclear engineering, as I enjoy physics and chemistry. But, I recently reflected more on what I'd like to do most within the military, and not as much on my civilian career. I came to the realization that I...

    USNA majoring Question

    Is it possible to Major in Law and Legal Studies at USNA if not is it possible to be a lawyer if I forged a path as a USMC officer?
  17. afrotc2022

    AFROTC Majors

    If I put General Studies, Comp. Sci, and Meteorology on my AFROTC app, will I still get "priority" since meteorology is on there, or will I be considered a "non-tech" applicant? Also, does anyone know if doing one of the "most needed" majors (i.e. Meteorology, Nuc. Physics, etc.) is a good idea...
  18. C

    DSS careers

    im thinking of majoring in defense and strategic studies, maybe with a dual major in something else... Is there anyone out there with this major? My first choice is aviation but if I don't get it I was wondering what it's like for someone with this major in the army
  19. C

    DSS careers

    im thinking of majoring in defense and strategic studies, maybe with a dual major in something else... Is there anyone out there with this major? My first choice is aviation but if I don't get it I was wondering what it's like for someone with this major in the Air Force
  20. D

    Changing Majors in AROTC

    I am currently a senior in High School and was offered a 4 yr AROTC scholarship after the first board. On my AROTC application, I listed my intended major as Biology, although I am becoming unsure that that's what I want to major in and I'm hoping to switch it to something else, probably...