Listing Majors on the AFROTC Application


Jul 5, 2017
Sorry, I've asked about this before...

I just recently finished my AFROTC HSSP application (including the interview). I have a couple of weeks before the board will review my application, and I want to make sure that I have my desired majors listed in the best way possible.

If I had my choice, I would pick a general studies major to get a good GPA (and get a pilot slot). But I know that something like 5% or less get scholarships for that. Next, I would pick a foreign language (although only 15-20% get scholarships for those, apparently). Last, I would do a Tech major, which I'm not completely opposed to...I'll just have to work harder to get a good GPA.

I guess AFROTC likes the reverse order when they hand out scholarships: 80% go to tech, ~15% to Language, and 5% to General Studies. So my preferences are down as: Foreign Language, Computer Science (tech), and General Studies (will probably do Communications).

Okay, now that I've wasted enough of your time...does anyone who's gotten an HSSP scholarship (or who understands how the scholarship people think!) know if the order matters? Could I list what I WANT first and list what THEY want last? Or will I probably not get a scholarship? Or should I leave it as is? Just trying to make sure that I get stuff right where it should be.

Thank you all!!
Pick the major you want to pursue. Period. You will be much happier.
Yeah, that's what I've thought about doing, but I won't be happy at all if I don't get a scholarship. I'd prefer a certain major, but if listing that might cost me the scholarship, I'll list something else that I may not be super excited about, but may still do well in.
I am with kinnem.

I don't where you are getting that breakdown unless something has truly changed. The breakdown that I have always seen goes as follows:
Type 1:
5% of all scholarships
~ Tech = 95%. Non-tech = 5% IOWS @ 2 -3 nationally will go non-tech
Type 2:
15% of all scholarships
~ Same % break down, but about 45-50 go non-tech'=
Type 7
80% of all scholarships
~ Bulk of non-tech go into this pile.

Overall, 80-85% of all AFROTC scholarships will be tech.

Sorry, but there is no way that I believe that of the 900 or so scholarships, 125 go to foreign language and only 45 go to non-tech.
~ Caveat, I will say General Studies to me, might not be the same to you. General studies to me is basically un-declared major, and farting around for a yr until you figure it out. HQ AFROTC does tech/non-tech. My DS was Govt and Politics, not GS. He was a type 2 major, and declared that major as an HSSP candidate.
~ Again, I understand the lean towards foreign language from the AF perspective, but I really tend to doubt that this is their %. As a non-tech major you will be required to take several semesters of foreign language. I believe my DS took 3 semesters. He graduated with a dual major (Govt and Politics, plus International relations), minored in History and core concentration in military history. He could have easily received a minor in foreign language if he wanted. He is an ADAF pilot.

Now why you should major in what you desire. The AF swings like a pendulum. Yes, right now they have manpower issues, especially in the rated world. However, you do not know what it will look like in 3 yrs from now regarding SFT aka LEAD. When DS was up for SFT it was 55% selection rate. Non-tech had to have 3.3/3.4 cgp, tech @3.1 to be competitive. NO SFT = disenrollment. The following yr it was 93% selection. The yr after that it was 55% again.
~ Please use the search tab and see the posts regarding kids that put tech major to game the system for higher scholarship chances only to realize within their freshmen year that their cgpa is so low they are risking their scholarship from an academic probation aspect.
~~ They placed the idea of attending their dream college with a scholarship in a major above the reality of being able to academically make it through in that major. Hint, Hint: Found out too late you either buckle down and swallow that to keep the scholarship you stay in that major or you stay in AFROTC, but find a way to pay for that college in the major you want.

Now for this whole pilot slot aspect. Anyone here will tell you this is my pet peeve.
~Yes, my DS is a pilot. Yes, that is what he wanted to be when he entered, but he entered also with the idea that he would always be an officer 1st and last. Believe it or not pilots do not fly everyday. 2x a week is a good week. The rest of the time they are chair flying.
~ Yes, the AF is insanely short on pilots, but that is due to the airlines hiring at an insane pace. They expect to continue to hire at this pace for about 5 yrs.
~~ Long story short why is because of FAA regs and 9/11. After 9/11 the airlines started to furlough and stopped hiring. These pilots are now approaching 60, thus they need new blood at a very high rate. The pendulum swings with AF exodus. My DS can walk in 2023 when it is expected the bus driver in the sky hiring rate will start to decline substantially.
~ For you this will equate to the pendulum swinging to AF pilots staying at a higher rate because the airlines are reducing their new hire rates. More will take the bonus, and that equates to less pilot slots being awarded.
~~ Don't believe me, look at the early 90s and 2000s. In 93 the AF was so bloated in the pilot world that if you were number 1 at UPT, you were thrilled to get a heavy. By 98 airlines were hiring at a fast pace and the AF was giving age waivers, plus not only increased the pilot bonus, but promotion rate to O4. On top of that Palace Chase became a rarity. 2002 rolled around and airlines not only stopped hiring, but furloughed pilots. We have 2 friends that left the AF for the airlines, only to ask the AF to take them back, and the AF did, but with the caveat they would go RPA. They did.

No offense, but the fact is that even if you go foreign language (4 yrs =class of 22) you will not start UPT until 2023, wing 2924, and can walk at 2034 at best! You are way out from the airline hiring frenzy and chances are by that time the pendulum will have swung again towards the AF's favor, iows needing less pilots in the pipeline since the frenzy is suppose to end by 22.

Another reason that this is my pet peeve. There are many candidates that will say ME or EE as their major or Foreign language just to get that scholarship. What they don't realize is that you are also tied to that major when it comes to manpower needs. There have been years that they were short EE majors. Kids applied, received the scholarship with the hopes to become a pilot only to find out as a jr in college that ADAF was short regarding those majors/AFSCs and only took the top 5% of those majors for rated. IOWS the needs of the AF came 1st and their dream of flying became only a dream
~ The same can be said for foreign language.

Next, DoDMERB is an exam that says yes you are medically qualified to serve in the AF. Rated cadets will have to take the FAA FC1 will be the deciding factor. As an AS300, rising 400 they will send you to Wright Pat for a 3 day flight physical, which will be very in depth, to the point they will do EKGs. Bust that and you are back to non-rated.

Finally, there is no such thing as 100% winging out of UPT. Think more along the lines of 65% on a good day. They can either cut you loose or send you to a chair flying assignment. His close friend, and a groomsmen at his wedding (1 month after winging) washed out 6 weeks prior to winging.

I am not trying to be Debbie Downer. I am just saying think long and hard before you hit that degree major box.

I would also say this statement struck me
I won't be happy at all if I don't get a scholarship
You do realize that only about 16-18% of all AFROTC cadets are on scholarship?
~ They are the minority
You do not state your stats, and nor am I asking for them, but I will say that AFROTC, unlike A/NROTC only do best sitting, they do not superscore. AFROTC does not include your sr yr curriculum or ECs. AFROTC scholarship is tied to the cadet and their major, not to the school like A/NROTC.

I wish you the best, and only hope that this post makes you see a bigger/long term picture than what it appears you have painted in your mind.

I won't be happy at all if I don't get a scholarship.
OK, bad choice of words on my part. It's not the end of the world for me if I don't get an AFROTC scholarship. I've got options. I meant to get across that I am willing to do a "more difficult" major if AFROTC gives out a scholarship for the tech major and not for the "easier" major. While tech may not be easy, I am looking for a challenge, and if the AF likes tech and I can do good in it, then I'll do that. Who knows what side of the pendulum they'll be on in 4-5 years?
Thanks for all the good "mind food", Pima. It really helps to consider every angle.