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    How close to th action are pilots?

    Hello! I'm trying to decide between USAFA and USNA (a good problem to have, but an incredibly difficult decision) and wanted to get some experienced input on how close to the action I would be as a pilot in the Navy. And, well, what are my chances of being selected for a pilot slot? I'm leaning...
  2. T

    VMI or Citadel? Psych major and USMC Commission

    Hey yall, I'm a current senior looking to major in psychology and commission into the Marines, and I have several questions on how to decide between the two. I've been browsing the forums, but most of the posts I've run into are for AROTC commissions which don't really help me that much. As...
  3. B

    Meps question

    In fall 2019 I broke my collarbone and later found i also tore my labrum at the same time. I had to have surgery on my labrum but the collarbone healed on its own. My usmc recruiter told me to lie lie lie at meps and I dont feel comfortable with it. Are there waivers for these and if so how hard...
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    Why do so many Marines graduate from the Citadel?

    Exactly as the title says. What makes the Citadel, compared to the other SMAs or ROTC programs, so appealing to Marine prospects? If you're a Marine officer who graduated from the Citadel, did you notice a large amount of your peers (who weren't in any Marine-specific classes) also going into...
  5. D

    Interesting op-ed on Cobra Gold and COVID-19

    From an op-ed written by Marine Corps and Air Force veterans: "It's simply baffling that the U.S. military is still clinging to the barbaric killing of live animals in the Cobra Gold training that is more reminiscent of a frat party gone wrong than a military drill. ... Given all we know about...
  6. Q

    USMC Cyber Warfare 1702 MOS

    Good morning, Everyone. I know in my last post, I said I am majoring in Engineering as an NROTC Marine-Option next year, but with all of the activity in cyberspace, "the new frontier", I am considering pursuing the new 1702 Cyber Warfare MOS. A buddy of mine from Virginia is joining the USMC as...
  7. Q

    NROTC - Quit to Enlist & then come back to Officer

    Good evening everyone. This is a strange question but I'm curious what the community has to say. I'm an incoming 4/C Marine-Option in NROTC with a 35 ACT, 3.9 High School GPA, and both a 300 PFT & CFT. I THINK I love the idea of going straight into the officer corps, and I'm excited for my...
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    NROTC (Marine Corps v Navy)

    Howdy y’all, I was curious whether how the route one chooses for NROTC (Marine Corps v Navy v Navy Nurse) affects his/her ROTC experience in college... Does everybody in NROTC train together, participating in the same activities, regardless of which path in the navy ppl choose? Or do they...
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    I am a HS senior and I want to fly in the military. To keep things simple I know that the Marine Corps has PLC and you can get a guaranteed aviation contract. I also know it is possible to get selected as a pilot with AFROTC. Is it possible to be in both at the same time and choose one before I...
  10. M

    Blood Pinning

    I would like to be an Infantry Officer or Aviation Officer in the marines but one thing I’m still confused about is blood pinning. Does it still happen and if it does can I opt out after the official ceremony?
  11. J

    NROTC At The Citadel

    Hello, this is my first post but I wanted to see if I could get some more info. I’ve been academically accepted to The Citadel and I’m on track to be medically accepted in the coming weeks. My goal is to become a Marine Officer and I’m just wondering how they give out their NROTC scholarships...
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    Reserve to Naval Academy

    Enrolling st the Naval Academy has always been one of my many goals; however, I’ve faced several problems along the way which has prevented me from applying for the Academy while I’m still in high school. I’m confident that I have the athletic and extracurricular strengths that would be...
  13. J

    Likelihood of Receiving NROTC Schlarship

    Hi, I'm currently a high school junior with a 3.85 GPA seeking the NROTC scholarship. I was in my schools IB program freshmen and sophomore year but dropped out to take dual enrollment which is where I can take college classes as a high schooler. I've been in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program...
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    Netfocus Login Issues

    I started my NROTC (Marine Option) application last night and decided to finish it in the morning, but now I can't login. I either get a 403 error "Access is forbidden" or it basically refreshes the login screen without an error message. I know that I'm putting my password in right because it...
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    Marine Corps PLC Financial Assistance Program Repayment after Withdraw

    Hello everyone, I would like to thank you in advance if you have some knowledge to share with me on this issue. When I was an officer candidate for the Marine Corps through the Platoon Leaders Class program, I was enrolled in the Financial Assistance Program (FAP) which gives money to...
  16. N

    Enlisted Marine (reserve) get NROTC scholarship?

    A friend of mine is a year enlisted in the Marine Corps. Reserves. He wants to get an NROTC scholarship to a university in state, Embry Riddle. How hard is it? On campus scholarship is his best bet as of now but he's not so sure he will be looked at the same as those who are just graduating high...
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    Getting into tough academies

    My name is Cody and I am 17 going into my senior year at a private college prep school. I struggled with some personal issues these past couple years and as a result my grades suffered. As of now, I have a 2.7 ( 3.0 in a public school) and play baseball, involved in 4 clubs, and am now starting...
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    Chances of NROTC MO

    Hi, I just started my application for NROTC MO and I know its a little early but i wanted to have a lot of tie to put my best foot forward and all! I've been working with a Marine Recruiter on my application to make sure I get everything done right. I havent taken the PFT yet but im hoping I...
  19. S

    Leatherneck 2017 gear list

    anyone have a gear list / loi for the 2017 Leatherneck program at Quantico. Attending from USAFA and details have been thin. Asking for a friend :). Any info greatly appreciated. Kind of on my own preparing.
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    "Got my choice of Summer Block Marine Corps Ground Thing, Mom -I Can't Explain It"

    Could /would anyone familiar with the USNA Summer Block "Marine Corps Ground Thing" please give Mom a little more detail about what it is? Is it at Camp Pendleton? Parris Island? Somewhere else? The " I can't explain it" part of DS's comment means he doesn't want to spend time telling...