medical waiver

  1. 4

    Waiver Letter Assistance

    Hi. Does anyone have experience writing waiver letter? Looking for an example or guidance please?
  2. M

    Peanut Allergy Issue- NROTC

    Hello, I have a mild peanut allergy and DODMERB gave me a medical DQ because of it. When I was being considered for a waiver to USNA, they requested additional information consisting of a remedial exam. This remedial exam requested me to consult an allergist and obtain a skin test as well as an...
  3. R

    I have waiver - but can I get a pilot slot?

    Hello everyone! I was recently granted a waiver to USAFA! I'm very excited but after reading the notification letter I was a little worried. Questions: 1) Even though I was waived to attend USAFA will I not be considered for a pilot or special operations career field because I was not...
  4. Z

    DQ/Medical waiver for spondy

    DS is a strong candidate. Senior with a 4.6 GPA, Valedictorian, 1520 on SAT, Battalion Commander at his military high school, all honors/AP classes, but because of a mild spondy in November 2019, he received the medical DQ email. It said he may be eligible for a medical waiver. His spondy is...
  5. USMA Dad_2025

    ADHD Waiver Process Time?

    Hi Everyone, My DS is currently Under Waiver Review due to ADHD. Does anyone know how long we should expect this process to take? He was diagnosed prior to kindergarten, never took medication and had his IEP terminated when he was 12 (all things he included in his medical survey). His JROTC...
  6. FØB Zero

    Congenital dislocation

    Unfortunately, I have read that this is premenantly disqualifying.... is it likely I can get a waiver if I’ve been involved in sports all my life and have seen no issues ever? Any input would be great. @MullenLE
  7. B

    Medical Waiver for NROTC College Program

    Hello, When I was applying for the USNA, DoDMERB deemed me medically disqualified but said I may be eligible for a medical waiver. Because I was not offered appointment to USNA this year, they did not proceed to review my medical history. So, I was wondering how I could obtain a medical waiver...
  8. N

    Hypothyroidism Medical Waiver

    Hello everyone, A month ago my recruiter underwent my medical waiver hypothyroidism. My condition is completely controlled by medications. I can do everything I did before having this condition is as if I did not have the only thing that I should take my medicine every morning so that it...
  9. M

    Go through OSUT or wait for ROTC contract

    Hello, I'm an MSII at my schools AROTC Batallion. I fell like I'm in a very very critical moment of decision making in my life and would like some wisdom passed down or any advice. So basically, I enlisted in July of 2018 with my programs NG Recruiter. Ever since then, I've been drilling at RSP...
  10. 2

    Medical Waiver

    Allow me to start off by saying that this is not a "chance me" post. I was DQ'd by DoDMERB on four counts. My DoDMERB portal says my Current Medical Status for the Air Force Academy is "Under Waiver Review." I am assuming that this means USAFA waiver authorities are pursuing a waiver on my...
  11. G

    D224.81 History of chrondomalacia

    Hello all— Having attended NAS & SLE in June and nearly completed applications to the 3 SA’s, my son received a DoDMERB disqualification for “D224.81 History of chrondomalacia”. His knee started to have pain after playing indoor soccer & spring track...he saw several doctors who ruled out any...
  12. A

    Waiver for 'mood disorder', our student was accepted to the Academy, has a nomination, etc. but learned that she has been medically disqualified due to a 'mood disorder.' History is that she did discuss concerns with her mood (i.e. some anxiety with school, social situations) with her pediatricians (twice) in...
  13. C

    Dodmerb not working? - A Great way to check.

    Found this website that checks if Dodmerb site is working. If you CLICK REPORT button, others can see that the site is down.
  14. E

    RMI/Waiver Update Timeframe

    My DS was medically disqualified and a medical waiver was requested by both USAFA and AFROTC. (The issue was knee pain in the spring and summer which never stopped him from competing in varsity level track and cross country.) Of course the waiting is hard but both USAFA and AFROTC said that...
  15. C

    Medical Disqualification

    Good morning, I received a DoDMERB disqualification for "Current or history of any abnormality of the retina, choroid, or vitreous" on February 20th. This is from an eye injury I received playing basketball a few months ago. My portal currently still says "Complete but Medically Disqualified."...
  16. B

    Waiver Approved

    I'm very pleased to let others know that DD's medical waiver was just approved. We are so relieved and excited. And grateful to all on this forum for help, advice, and support provided.
  17. H

    Do I have a disqualifying condition? - GERD

    I have GERD, which is a stomach/digestive issue. I believed it was disqualifying for the past few years, but just today I read that it is no longer disqualifying if it is controlled. I take medicine for my condition, and as such, it does not affect me at all. It is completely controlled and it...
  18. S

    Asthma disqualification for AFROTC?

    I do not have asthma. But I had bronchitis a few times when I was younger and was prescribed 3 inhalers for that from 8-14. Never diagnosed with asthma, just given inhalers to clear up some congestion. My recruiter said since they were just inhalers, it shouldn't be a problem. But recently, I...
  19. A

    Medical Waiver Status

    DS received LOA in September and was Medically DQ'd in January for complications resulting from an illness 5 years ago. He has been awaiting for decision from waiver authority for nearly 2 months (follow-up testing and evaluations sent in at the time DQ/waiver started). I've heard that the...
  20. S

    Conditional LOA and Medical Waivers

    My son received a conditional LOA pending medical qualification. We went through an extensive remedial process with the DOD and received notification today that it was being sent to the USNA for a medical waiver. Does anyone know how long this process typically takes? It took a month for the...