permit to report

  1. D

    Permit to Report Package Questions

    Hello! I'm currently filling out the permit to report package and I have a lot of questions. There are a bunch of terms I'm unfamiliar with so I made this thread to ask for some help. Thanks! To start off with: Base Access Pass Registration: -What is a Base Sponsor Name
  2. D

    Got Into the Naval Academy! "Folder" in the mail

    I have received and accepted my offer of appointment for USNA's class of 2023. I've received a "folder" in the mail just now which contained a Certificate of Accomplishment and a large picture with descriptions on the back. Is this the permit to report package? The timing fits, but what I know...
  3. U

    Permit to Report Package

    Hello! I have received and accepted my offer of appointment for USNA’s class of 2023. I am excited/anxious for I-Day and was wondering if anyone knew the general time that the permit to report packages would be sent out. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  4. 5Day

    Permit to Report (last years)

    I know many of you are chomping at the bit to get ready for I day and your next 4 years at USNA. Unfortunately my DS is still waiting on an appointment. If you want to at least get a glimpse at what will be in the Permit to Report here is a link to last years...