prep school

  1. K

    USAFA Prep School

    Anyone else go through the prep school to get their AFA appointment? I was USAFA class of 1993. Obviously it didn’t quite work out for me. Had some good times there and some not so good.
  2. U

    Quick Summarization of SAPs needed!

    Hey guys, I am currently in the middle of researching SAs and learning more about them. I aspire to attend USNA and other potential SAs. Can someone give me a quick brief rundown of how a prep school works for the service academies and what the benefits are from taking it as opposed to just...
  3. R

    Falcon Foundation USAFA Application

    Hello, I am a Falcon Foundation Scholar and I am somewhat confused about how the application works as a scholar. From people I know, they said that the only things I would have to redo for the next application cycle are the CFA, ALO Interview, and the Nominations. Can someone explain how the...
  4. S

    USMAPS 23

    Any USMAPS appointees yet?
  5. thesword76

    USMAPS 2022 Appointment List

    Congrats to everyone on their USMAPS 2022 Appointment! "HOW TO ADD A NAME: This is DIY self-reporting and self-updating the full list. Mods don't update the list. Kindly posters occasionally do, but the burden falls on posters to copy the list, add their entry and post the updated list. Ditto...
  6. FlyFalcon

    Northwestern Preparatory School C/O 2021

    Hello Everyone! It was advised to me by the awesome @Hopeful Mid 2024. To make an NWP thread so here one is. After receiving my Falcon Foundation Scholarship, I decided will be attending NWP with the Falcon Foundation Scholarship. It would be amazing to see who else would be at Northwestern...
  7. T

    Sponsored Prep - Usmma 2020

    Anyone get offered a sponsored prep slot for MMI or NMMI?
  8. L

    Prep School

    Does an applicant's ranking in the NWL dictate whether he or she gets to go to sponsored prep school? Example A: an applicant was just on the bubble for getting in USMMA, but ultimately does not. But because this applicant was so close, does this applicant get an offer to prep school? Or is...
  9. Nebulalabai?

    LEAD Program C/O 2024

    This thread is for prior enlisted Airman to discuss and answer questions for applying to USAFA's class of 2024. How did your application go? (edit - 2025 to 2024, apparently I am still confused on what year it is)
  10. Nebulalabai?

    CFA Scores

    Does anyone mind reviewing my scores and speculating my chances for a retake? Basketball Throw: 67 feet Pullups: 16 Shuttle: 9.4 Im cringing just typing this Situps: 78 Pushups: 66 Run: 6:58
  11. U

    USMAPS before USMA?

    Hey y’all, I am wondering if I should aim for the prep school (USMAPS/MMI/NMI) before West Point. Coming out of high school, I have no military back ground in my family and no military experience, and not much technical military knowledge so I feel that this would put me behind in West Point...
  12. J

    Question about applying to USMA

    Can a 2 year Community College student who is in the Air National Guard Pararescue apply to USMA/West Point if he's willing to join the U.S Army? The reason he wants to join USMA is because it's a good school that can build good character physically and mentally developing strong leadership...
  13. CmeB45

    NYC Parents

    Well guys we have almost made it to the end of this cycle. Some of our kids got in, some are heading to prep and some will take ROTC. Some will try agin next year. Anyone interested in meeting up for lunch in the city PM me. We are practically family at this point! We can keep each other...
  14. P

    Any sponsored preps/self preps in the SAP at MMI next year?

    I'd love to get to know some of yall before we meet! Also, does anyone know when we get a login for the MMI portal?
  15. BonoDex

    LEAD Program Advice

    Hello, I am currently in tech school and have been highly interested in the USAFA since high school, but didn't take the opportunity to apply. Now that I am enlisted and know about the LEAD program, I am extremely excited to begin preparations for applying. I would just like some advice as far...
  16. K

    USMMA Prep Schools

    When is the best time to let admissions know you are willing to accept a sponsored prep school appointment? Shouldl you do it while you are on the NWL or wait for a decision for USMMA acceptance or decline? Don't want to jump the gun.
  17. NavyNukeGirlfriend44

    Naval Academy Application

    So my boyfriend is in the Navy Nuke program and there was a big group of them that applied and if I am correct they turned in their applications about a week ago. He told me yesterday that the academy had the selection board yesterday and I was just wondering if anyone had a clue how long it...
  18. U

    Nomination rescinded for NAPS???

    Hi all, I originally received a nomination to the naval academy, but I noticed that it was gone from my portal last night. After frantically contacting my admissions counselor my congressman's office contacted me to let me know they had rescinded my nomination. At first I was taken aback and...
  19. CrossMT 07

    Air Force Prepatory School

    Good Afternoon, I was just wondering how you apply to the USAFA prep school? I was going to use this as a backup if I don't get accepted to USAFA. Is it a separate application or does everyone who applies gets considered for a prep school appointment? I plan to apply out of high school. Thanks...
  20. L

    NAPS to West Point?

    I'm currently at NAPS and was wondering about something since I came here. What would be the odds that I could get appointed to West Point after this year if I figured out I didn't want to go navy but wanted to go to West Point instead? Would I list West Point as a second option when applying...