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May 28, 2019
Can a 2 year Community College student who is in the Air National Guard Pararescue apply to USMA/West Point if he's willing to join the U.S Army? The reason he wants to join USMA is because it's a good school that can build good character physically and mentally developing strong leadership skills with good education. He did bad in high school approximately 1.9 GPA so he decided to graduate early in his Junior Year over the summer by taking a test called CHSPE and received the Certificate of Proficiency which is a high school diploma equivalency and he went to community college and enlisted in the Air National Guard. He plans to apply to USMA,USAFA, and USNA by using his community college transcript and his skills as a Pararescue Air National Guard but right now he just wants to know if USMA accepts applications from an Air National Guard/Community College Student. He also understands about the ROTC program and he's only doing ROTC as backup


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Jun 18, 2012
Yes he can apply. Chances of selection are nill.

Anyone can apply. There can be exceptions.......I met a Cadet who was prior enlisted, he was 23 and 6 months old during R-Day, served in combat, demonstrated leadership, his performance was noted by his command and thus recommended. He's graduated and doing well. I give you this example. I don't know anything about the OP other than he had a 1.9 gpa in high school, attended a two year college, (what kind of classes, GPA, ACT/SAT scores, sports played) and a member of the National Guard.

Now ask yourself.....most direct admits from High School (two years English/writing, math, chem) have high ACT/SAT scores, 3.5 gpa, played sports, passed physical tests, demonstrated leadership.

You be the judge

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