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  1. A

    How badly does sports hurt your AROTC scholarship application?

    Hello, I've been using this site the past few months through my process and it's been of great help for my applications. I'd say I'm academically a good student, but lack in the athletics. I got a 1430 on my SAT and have a 3.7GPA. I'm also the Vice President of the Honor Society at my school...
  2. J

    I need some ROTC help/advice concerning the national scholarship and uc Berkeley

    I won the national award for a 3 year army ROTC scholarship at several schools. At this point in time, it looks like I will be deciding to attend UC Berkeley, with George Washington University as a runner up. I am unsure as what I would like to do in the future, but I am very interested in...
  3. H

    Talking to multiple PMS?

    I’m an AROTC scholarship applicant and I have already submitted my PMS interview. However, I would like to get in touch with other PMS at my top schools in order for me to get to know their program and, more importantly, for them to get to know me. Is this something applicants do, or would I be...
  4. M

    Chances at AROTC and AFROTC Scholarships

    Hello! This is my first post on this forum, I have been reading a lot of the previous posts and thought I would start my own. Any replies, advice, and/or constructive criticism would be much appreciate. I have just completed the AROTC application and interview this coming week, I also plan on...
  5. H

    AROTC Scholarship Chances

    I know it's the time of year when there are a decent amount of these, but I just want a second (or third or fourth) opinion on how likely I am to get a scholarship. I'm a girl Going into Pre-med 9-12 GPA: 3.8 SAT: 1260 (640 Writting/ grammar, 620 math) Letters: Marching Band/Color Guard...
  6. Herman_Snerd

    Are Stats available for how many offered/ Accepted Scholarships per Branch ?

    Hello - just curious if statistics are yet out on how many scholarships were offered/ accepted per branch of ROTC for those starting their ROTC training this summer/ fall? While I"m asking - there are references to 900 kids attending NSI at Great Lakes this summer - 500 now and 400 more in...
  7. P

    Acceptance Letter

    I got found out I got a 4-year scholarship last night. I was looking on the website for ROTC and it says that I can accept the scholarship before I find out what school I am going to. I couldn't find it on the website or in my email. Is it and actual letter? If so, when should I expect to get...
  8. U

    ROTC-Scholarship Questions

    Hello all, I am interested in Army ROTC program for my local college, but I am confused on how the application process for this works. I am also applying to WP. Would any of you mind explaining how ROTC applications work (for high schoolers). 1. Do I apply to the SA and ROTC program...
  9. V

    AROTC Interview?

    Hey again! I haven't found anything online that really gives any insight on what is asked in the ROTC scholarship interview. I just wanted to see if anyone could give me insight on what is asked in the interview, how long it is, where it is etc. Thank you!
  10. P

    What are my chances of getting an army ROTC scholarship?

    I am currently a sophomore in high school. I recently learned about the ROTC scholarship program and am interested in it. Could somebody tell me my chances of getting in? 3.4 weighted gpa (taking 1 ap and 1 honors class this year. I am planning on taking 2 ap classes next year.) 98th percentile...
  11. M

    Need Help Plz

    So I recently got a citation for public drunkness in college and was taken in handcuffs to the university drunk tank. I'm in the ROTC program but not yet on scholarship. I'm well standing and is my first offense. In addition, I'm going to basic camp this summer. I applied for ARD already. My...
  12. Kyle Povio

    3 year army rotc scholarship questions…

    Good afternoon I just found out on Friday that I have been awarded a three year Army ROTC A.D scholarship and I have a few questions to ask. 1. I got an offer to three schools I did not finish my applications for because my #1 college granted me acceptance back in September before the first...
  13. K

    ROTC- Chances of acceptance

    Hi, I was wanting to join an ROTC program preferable air force or navy, but I'm not too sure about my chances. Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to join ROTC and it has been growing on me ever since. My first year of college out of high school begins in the autumn semester of 2018. I...
  14. M

    Waiver Approved

    Well it's official!!:jump1: My DS has finally received a waiver from the Army ROTC. It's been a long and stressful wait but the end result was well worth the fight! :groupwave:
  15. B

    Process to Accept Army ROTC Scholarship

    My son learned Thursday that he has been offered an Army ROTC scholarship and that it may be applied to his first choice university. The official packet will arrive within the next 10 days. He has also been accepted early decision to his first choice university. The deadline to make the...
  16. T

    AROTC Acceptance?

    I had my application turned in by January's deadlines. How will they notify you if you did/didn't get the scholarship ? Thanks