1. O

    Tips for SLE: Packing-Specific and General

    Hey guys, I will be attending the second SLE session this year from June 10th to June 16th. I was wondering if any SLE alums had helpful tips that pertain to packing-specific tips (e.g. additional things that may not be on the list but are helpful to have) as well as general tips (e.g. how to...
  2. A

    I need help clearing some things up (and maybe some advice)

    I'm an incoming sophomore in high school with USMA being my top choice for college. However, I only really learned about WP at the end of freshman year, so I've been slacking off some and not working as hard as I should have been. I've researched what I could about the academy and other...
  3. R

    AFROTC Chances with no sport and little to show leadership competency? Be honest

    Hi, I am currently a Highschool Junior, looking to apply for AFROTC starting this June. I just recently decided that joining the military was what I wanted, so I am a little late in preparing. I really have nothing to show for athletics, and extracurriculars and volunteer is quite lacking. I...
  4. P

    Any tips on what I should work to improve on?

    GPA - 3.9/4.33 (Taken or will take "hard" AP's before graduation such as Chem, Physics 1, Physics C, Calculus, Psych, United States History, Environmental Science, Human Geography) Act - 33 super score (32 Math/English/Reading, 35 Science, 8 writing) Wrestling JV - 10th grade V- 11th, 12th...
  5. WishfulThinking

    What More Can I Do To Make Myself More Competitive? Tips?

    I am a female junior(class of 2020) and I am looking forward to applying to West Point very soon to become a part of the Class of 2024. One thing I can tell from lots of research is the male to female ratio, is it more difficult for a female to be appointed to WP? Some Information About Me: -...
  6. CrossMT 07

    Air Force Application Review

    Good Afternoon (To all you all in the mountain time zone), I just want to know what kind of things the Academy puts a lot of bulk in when applying. I know they like people who are involved in the community, diverse applicants, and academics but is there any specific examples they look for? Do...
  7. CrossMT 07

    Recommendations for Air Force Academy

    Hey all, I am 14 years old and I have made the decision to apply for USAFA when I am 17. I am looking for advice on what to do now to strengthen my application. I am a freshman in a STEM high school, I take 10th-grade math, pre-ap biology, CE (Concurrent Enrollment at a college) English...
  8. thomasvlogs

    Hey all! -- I'm new here. :)

    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize there was an introduction section. What's going on everyone? I'm not much of a forum person (more active on other social media) but recognized that there have been thriving threads on all things service academy-related here (which is pretty awesome). First off...
  9. J

    Summer Seminar

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice on the USNA Summer Seminar. I would appreciate any info, tips, or advice anyone can provide. Thanks! Sincerely, JohnJr1601
  10. S

    Army ROTC Scholarship Interview Tips

    Hello, I have applied for the AROTC 4-year Nursing Scholarship and I have my interview with a PMS on Monday. Here are my credentials: 3.6 Unweighted//3.85 Weighted GPA 1300 SAT (650 M/650 CR&W) Co-Captain of Varsity Cheerleading Four AP classes with 4 on all exams Member of National Honor...
  11. S

    General Questions

    Hi, I am currently a sophomore in high school planning to apply for the Naval Academy. I have some general questions and would love advice if you have any. Currently I have about a 4.2/4.3 weighted GPA and will most likely finish high school around there. I've been preparing for the SAT as...
  12. K

    Admission Reccomendations and chances

    Hello, I am currently a Sophomore. I would love to attend either West Point or the USNA (probably WP) I know it is a little bit too early to tell weather or not I have a good chance of getting into West Point or the USNA, and I know no one can say for sure what you chances are, but I was...
  13. U

    SAT/ACT Study Tips Needed!

    Any advice is very appreciated and will be put to good use. My SAT and ACT scores are lacking right a the moment, and I would like to see what others have done to achieve high scores. Thank you