1. un_pajaro

    Submit Dual Enrollment Transcript?

    In the application process, is there any place you can put college transcript separate from highschool? Since in my freshman and sophomore year, I did dual enrollment so I have some college credit, however they haven't been added to my high school transcript. Or would I need to merge the...
  2. J

    A few questions

    1. Is it alright if I haven't heard back yet? I know that they say that you will hear by April 15th, but I imagine if I was unqualified I would've already received a TWE. I'm new to this whole process so any insight into it is greatly appreciated. 2. Should I send them my midyear transcript if...
  3. B

    College Transcript Submission

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provide insight on submitting college transcripts for the USNA application. When I go to order it, I get an error saying “USPS was unable to find the address you entered as deliverable. Addresses on a university or college campus are controlled by the...
  4. I

    Reapplicant with academic issues

    Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all well. I’m a reapplicant to the academy whose browsed the forums a lot in the past without an account, but I need some insight on my academic situation. I’m a contracted cadet and 4-year national scholarship winner with my ROTC battalion, which is a...
  5. D

    High School Transcript "Unreceived"

    Does anybody else have an issue with their transcript not being marked as received although it was sent in months ago? I even emailed my admissions counselor whom says it is actually received but it is awaiting verification. It has been like this since November. Should I be worried?
  6. M

    Is there an E-mail address that I can send my 5-semester transcript to for applying to the Summer Seminar?

    Is there an e-mail address that I can give to my guidance counselor that allows me to send my 5 semester transcript to USNA??
  7. M

    Where can I send my 5 semester transcript to for applying to SLE?

    Is there an e-mail address that I can give to my guidance counselor that allows me to send my 5 semester transcript to. I was notified in the SLE facebook live that we should send our transcripts for a better chance of getting in. Is there an e-mail or portal to send it to?
  8. A

    Senior Year Grades in the Admissions Process

    Hello everybody! I am just wondering if anybody can speak more to the use of senior year grades in the appointment process. I received an email saying that the 7th semester transcript is only needed if they ask for it and not worry about sending it in unless required. Obviously one cannot just...
  9. E

    7th Semester

    I am taking 6 AP classes this year, but one of them does not show up on my transcript and will not show up until next semester. You see, I am taking AP Government and Politics this semester (0.5 credit class) and AP Macroeconomics next semester (0.5 credit class). So basically, I am not sure...
  10. M

    USNA Has Not Received Transcript

    I have had my entire USNA application at near complete status since around November 2018. However, the only Required Action I had to wait on was my Fall 2018 college transcript (available in Jan. for my college). I sent out my college transcript asap (very early Jan.), but the USNA still has...
  11. J

    Sending Transcripts-USNA

    I first requested my transcript to be sent from my high school to USNA in October, but there was miscommunication so the admissions director sent it just last week. How long would it take for it to show up as "Received" on the Candidate Info Page? I was planning to call USNA Admissions at the 2...
  12. N

    7th Semester Transcript

    Hi, I noticed that on my portal, they require the 7th Semester Transcript as of January 1st. If my school does not finish the 7th semester until the end of January, will my application status be affected? Will I not be considered for appointment until I submit?
  13. ElectedTuna

    GPA Refiguration?

    Hi Everyone, So I completely finished my application meaning that I received my nomination, medical status, etc. The last item I had to send in was my college transcripts. They were processed last week but my GPA didn't change at all. I was expecting it to go up considering that I took...
  14. S

    7th Semester Grades

    Hello I just finished my 7th semester and I made a C in AP Calc BC. I'm wondering how big of an impact this will have on my chances. My GPA is 3.93 unweighted, 4.93 weighted. I go to an IB school and take a pretty tough course load of AP and IB classes. I'm not making excuses or asking for a...
  15. D

    How much does my act help?

    Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. My school doesn't rank students, and the Gpa scale is very strange. Ive heard that westpoint doesn't look at gpa as much as Class rank, but because my school doesn't rank, how would WP analyze my academics? I would assume that they would just look at my act...
  16. fightingfalcon2020

    Just making sure...

    It says in the appointee instructions that a final transcript of your high school graduation grades must be sent in to the academy...but there was an email sent to our guidance counselors that only asked if we failed any courses or were disciplined? I think I'm good since I haven't gotten any...
  17. T

    Two years into engineering school, "epiphany",and now want to enroll at West Point. Worth it at all?

    Hello, I am a current 20 year old engineering student at a public university. I had a rather drastic change in my perspective after both having become a very strong Christian and having educated myself much more on the origin of the conflicts in the Middle East, in particular: works by William...
  18. craiyan2

    Retaking Failed Highschool Classes

    Hi- I'm a soph at highschool trying to raise his chances at getting an appointment. Currently I have almost all A's except one blaring problem on my transcript. A big fat D for Math in 1st semester of this school year. I was going through depression at the time, and the teacher was using a...