2018 AFROTC HSSP Statistics

:) I wasn't trying to do so, but that article just popped up in my news thread and it reinforced how our younger generation is out of shape. It's also sad to see some of the stuff parents give to their kids for a school lunch, which certainly doesn't help their kids be in at least semi-healthy shape. Along those lines, our neighbor's 3rd grader gets dropped off from the school bus at the foot of their 200-yard driveway (we live in an area with acreage), and the kid is driven up the driveway to the house. He is also driven down the driveway in the morning.
Thanks for editing that :)

Yeah, the younger generation is out of shape, but BMT does wonders in just 6-8 weeks, lol. Plus if the low-fitness trend continues, there will soon be less people clogging up the gym...
Ah, you noticed. :) You made a good point.
And I'm all for the base gym becoming less crowded. I'm happy with the popularity of gold going down too.