AFROTC Chances and Early Application?


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Jul 17, 2017
I'm a junior in HS and applying to AFROTC (my brother did it his junior+senior year in college and is now serving his commitment) and I wanted to know the chances of me getting a full 4-year scholarship, which I believe is the hardest one. I'm planning on going into Medical School and becoming a Pediatrician (atm, I'm not sure if this will change but I definitely am going to Med) and I read somewhere doctors and nurses have a higher chance of getting the 4-year.
My stats right now are
4.06 weighted GPA (I think 3.9 UW)
1300 SAT (retaking it)
No ACT, taking it in Sept.
1 AP class (got a 3), taking another one this year (doesn't count :( )
24/194 in my class (top 12%)
EC - National Honors Society, Student Ambassadors, French Club, Tutor, Peer Counselor, Piano lessons for 10 years, volunteering at a variety of places, Green Club, job at Chipotle (although I just started that so it wouldn't count), but no sports stuff, so I'm thinking that'll hurt my chances.
For the PFA, I practically have to start from scratch. I'm ok with the running since I've done that from time to time, but my problem is I can't do any real push ups or sit ups right now so it will take me awhile to work my way up. That's why I'm worried about applying early because I don't know how quickly I can do the assessment and pass. How early should I be applying to get the best possible chance of getting a scholarship? And will anything else hurt my chances?
I am not sure going this path is smart. The problem is the AF will have the final decision whether or not you go to med school. You can't just say: Well, this is my intention, and the AF needs to accept it. It is the other way around. They say: this is our decision and you need to accept it!

You took their money as a HS senior to become an officer in the USAF. NOTE, I did not say doctor, I said officer. The med school program is totally different than the HSSP ROTC program. Not saying you can't do it. Just saying that there is no guarantee you will get what is called ED (educational delay) to go to med school. There is a guarantee that if you make POC you will serve ADAF.

All you can do is apply. Nobody here knows the pool size or what the stats are from other candidates, nor how many scholarships will be available for FY18.

JMPO, but I have never heard that pre-med students get an edge, unless they are majoring in something that is considered tech, like Chem. Years ago, nurses did get an edge, but the AF is changing and has been for decades. When Bullet entered my children were born on base and they saw the ped. at the base hospital, Heck, we even had ERs back in those days, by the time he retired in 08 there was no ER at our last 3 duty stations. My DS is an O3 (5 yrs in), he and his wife just had their 1st child. She saw off base OB/GYNs, their baby was born off base, and their ped. is off base because they no longer have those options at the base hospital.

Like I said, apply! You have 0% chance of getting a scholarship if you don't!