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    Hi Y'all!
    I am an AS100, Freshman AFROTC Cadet. The Cadet Wing Staff at my detachment has given us some pretty tight guidelines for picking a name for our flights (I'm in Alpha flight): the name needs to match our flight (i.e. start with an "A") and be the name of an inactive/historic Air Force squadron.

    I've dug through the lists on Wiki and scoured the web, but can't find anything...if anyone out there has any info, LMK! Sorry for creating this unimportant thread; it's important to me anyway. ;)

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    Never fear, these kinds of questions can be entertaining and informative. Since I’m familiar with Navy Squadron names, I enjoyed looking into this - no surprise, there are several duplicates between USAF and USN. There is a decided dearth of “A” names in the inactive/historic category.

    Here’s a tome for you. The index is in the 800’s. My iPhone couldn’t digest it all.
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