AFROTC Not on scholarship?


Nov 3, 2016
I applied for the Army and Air Force ROTC scholarships and so far was not awarded anything from the Army and was reboarded for the Air Force scholarship. I applied with a 4.075 UW GPA and a 32 ACT, previous and current employment experience, extensive Fine Arts inside and outside of school, but minimal athletics and below average PFA scores. I was planning on applying to USAFA and I got a nomination but I decided I didn't want to go there so I didn't finish my application and now I am going to CU Boulder for engineering. I want to join AFROTC and apply for a rated position. Is it really very important whether I am on scholarship or not? I'm already exercising to prepare for the PFA but I'm trying to keep my hopes up and stay motivated towards becoming a pilot. Thanks.
4.075 UW out of 5?

& it's not important whether or not you are on scholarship. However, if you do well enough in the program, you can always win a in college scholarship. With that being said, your GPA, PFA, TBAS, Commander's Ranking are important for a rated slot. None of what you did in high school will matter anymore (except probably your ACT/SAT)
Being on scholarship doesn't matter. You can also apply for in college scholarships if you keep your grades up. I was told that if you're a technical major and keep above a 3.0 and have good PT scores, then you've got a decent chance.
Statistically only about 20% of all cadets are on scholarship, thus as others have stated it really has no impact.

The things that concern me are:
1. You state you have extensive Fine Arts background, but are going STEM.
~ Not implying you cannot be artistic and math oriented, but many kids apply STEM to game the system for the scholarship or because they believe that just because they do well in their Math and Science classes than engineering is a good fit. However, engineering in college is not like taking AP Calc and AP Physics.
~~ If you apply again for an ICSP as a freshmen in a tech degree field and later on want to switch to a non-tech as a scholarship recipient, you will need their approval. Chances of getting approved are typically slim to none.
~~~ Additionally, as stated before you will need to carry a 3.0 tech to be considered competitive for SFT. If you are struggling with STEM classes than you are also risking your AFROTC career.

2. PFT is going to be part of your OML. The system is simple. Fail even one section and you have officially BUSTED the entire thing. IOWS, you can max the sit ups and push ups, but if your run is over the time limit than it is game over for any points regarding the PFT.
~ Can't recall, but I believe for SFT selection, PFT is 15% of the score. That means you get a 0 for that portion.
~ Typically you want to strive for no less than a 95 to be deemed competitive, but 97 is really where you want to be at.
~ Do the PT exam in the order it is given, and with the exact time limits. Make sure your form is perfect. Many kids bust the exam the 1st time because they don't train properly. They don't realize that within the 1st week they will do the exam, and there will be ROTC cadets watching their form. If it is incorrect than it will not only not count, but you are exhausting extra energy at the same time.
~ Run in every type of weather. Run at 6 a.m. even if you went to bed at 1:00 because when you live in the dorms, have a paper or exam the next day you may land up having only 5 hrs of sleep. Run when it is cold outside, run when it is hot, run when it is spitting rain because that will occur in ROTC.

Now as far as going pilot, start taking flight lessons if you have not already. AFROTC rated board will give extra points for cadets with flight hours. Check through your medical records to make sure there is nothing that can disqualify you for the FAA FC1 flight physical. DoDMERB is what the AF calls a short exam. The FAA is a long exam, it includes everything from head to toe, including things like an EKG. Just because DoDMERB quals you does not mean the FAA will.

Good luck, and like I said in the beginning of this diatribe, you will be the majority of the cadets because you are not on scholarship. SFT selection is masked, thus the board will not know which cadet is on scholarship and which cadet is not. What they will look at is that cgpa and PFT, plus your AFOQT.

PS is your ACT best sitting or superscore? AFROTC only uses best sitting. If it is best sitting than you maybe in the reboarding aspect because you are on a cusp. IE type 2 or type 7 and they need to see a larger pool before they make the decision. However, as stated before if that PFT is a bust in one area than you maybe on the cusp of type 7 and nothing.
Gpa is 4.075 W not UW. ACT is best sitting because I only took it once. I am confident that an engineering major is what I want and what I will thrive in because STEM is what interests me and also I am good at that. Thanks for all the advice and good wishes.