Any tips for application?


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Sep 12, 2017
I'm a junior and looking to apply in the spring of next year and I was hoping someone could help by providing tips to strengthen my application

Academics: 4.3 weighted GPA (5 point scale) 3.95 unweighted, 32 on the ACT

Athletics- Varsity Tennis-2 time letter winner (Team Captain), Intramural Basketball-team captain

Extracurriculars: Debate (placed at several national level tournaments and captain), NHS-President, Student Council, Band-member of tryout based drumline and section leader, Jazz Band- 2 year section leader, Boy Scouts- Eagle Scout

Any tips for improving the strength of my application will be greatly appreciated
Simply search this forum for whatever information you are specifically seeking and you will find it! A quick search for apple sauce found a thread and one for zebra found 9 separate posts. Ill bet you find a LOT more information on application tips....Best of luck :)