1. T

    Do I have a chance?

    Hello all, this is my first post after reading a few posts and wanted to reach out for advice from people who actually know what they are talking about. I am a junior in highschool and recently had a come to Jesus moment about what I wanted to do with my life, and the first step along that path...
  2. M

    Applying to USAFA from an international school

    Hello all, I'm currently applying to USAFA's class of 2028. I have attended a private school which is not apart of the American school system, and does not provide some of the "amenities" a US school would give (Varsity Sports letters, JROTC programs, AP classes, etc.). I have attended many...
  3. A

    How important are learning rates?

    Former service academy grads, how important are memorizing your rates during PS? How often are you questioned, how are you questioned, and what does the punishment look like for not knowing them? Any other knowledge regarding rates would be great!
  4. S

    ROTC Application

    Currently in the process of looking into schools and their NROTC programs. I've got a (hopefully) simple question here that may sound silly, but I wish to make sure that I don't get trapped in anything if that makes sense. Can I apply to a school's ROTC program even if I haven't enrolled in the...
  5. blueskies18

    Application Question

    Hey everyone. I just completed my pre-candidate questionnaire and was assigned a mentor ALO. What is a mentor ALO, and what should I include in my first email to them? Thanks!
  6. A

    Peanut Stands Between Service and I

    Good Morning, I’m a former Chemistry lecturer turned aviator and I’m motivated to pursue my life-long desire to fly and serve with the USAF. Currently working toward PPL certificate and in my mid twenties. Unfortunately like many other individuals affected with peanut allergies, I’ve been...
  7. E

    How Competitive am I?

    Hi everyone I know this is kind of late to ask as a senior right about now, but I guess it's better done late than never. I have a nomination interview tomorrow and so I decided to look through the forums a a bit today and after seeing some other peoples posts, I've come to the realization that...
  8. L

    "Good" scores for the CFA

    I am a rising high school senior who is applying to the academy for the class of 2025. I was hoping someone would have information as to what an average or good score on each of the events in the CFA is. I totally get why they don't give out a minimum score, as they probably do not want the...
  9. gaynugget

    Status: Noncompetitive Applicant

    I submitted my PCQ early, on 4/15, as soon as I received my ACT scores. I was supposed to take the SAT in early May, but then it was delayed to August, and now late September due to COVID-19 (I have not taken it previously as of yet). My initial USAFA application has been reviewed twice, on 4/17...
  10. S

    If I don't know, should I assume?

    I'm a student that has applied to USNA and USAFA. I got accepted to both summer seminars, my blue and gold officer told me that I am an extremely competitive applicant, and I got two nominations to USNA and one to USAFA, but I haven't heard anything back yet. Should I just assume that I haven't...
  11. flyblu

    Applying for AFROTC during college

    Well, I didn't to get accepted because my SAT score was too low ( 1070 )... So I will try applying during college. Have any tips to successfully pass? Thanks.
  12. A

    USMA Candidate Questionnaire 2019

    Hello, as you probably know, the USMA candidate questionnaire form opened today. I was planning on completing it ASAP, but I became unsure when I got to the sports and school activities section. I am planning on playing varsity baseball this spring, but tryouts haven't started yet. I am also...
  13. turtle7584

    Factors Influencing Appointment

    Hello all, though this is my first post here I just have a few direct questions concerning types of factors influencing one's appointment and if it is worth the stress of applying. I'm a junior currently in Pasadena MD. Heres a background of my physical and academic achievements: 3.78 UW GPA...
  14. Z

    IT and Cyber Security Trade School

    Hello all, this will be my first post here, I've been interested in the Naval Academy since February of last year, for a multitude of reasons that others before me have had, but another reason that I believe is special to me. The Cyber Operations Major. Since November last year, I decided...
  15. M

    Using band director for fitness assessment

    Could I use my band director to score the physical assessment for me he was in the navy if that has anything to do with it.
  16. CallSignGaspar

    Competitive or na?

    I am applying for USMA and USCGA making Coastguard my top pick. For my weighted GPA, I have 3.74 and my unweighted GPA is 4.23. My SAT is currently lacking which is 1340 and my ACT is the worst which is 26. I have been a class president, H20 community service club secretary, Robotics team...
  17. T

    Any tips for application?

    I'm a junior and looking to apply in the spring of next year and I was hoping someone could help by providing tips to strengthen my application Academics: 4.3 weighted GPA (5 point scale) 3.95 unweighted, 32 on the ACT Athletics- Varsity Tennis-2 time letter winner (Team Captain), Intramural...
  18. R

    NROTC Application too late?

    I'm close to finishing my application but I'm waiting on information from my counselor. With that being said, I will probably be finished by August 10th. Do I have a chance to make the 1st board? I haven't completed the AFA nor the interview.
  19. ElectedTuna

    How to Improve Chances for Air Force Academy

    Hello, I'm a high school grad of 2016 planning on applying to the Air Force Academy for the class of 2021 and was curious how to improve my application. I'm aware that I can't just improve my chances in a matter of weeks, but I'm curious about ways to improve my application immediately and ways...
  20. AeroJH

    Reapplicant, looking to improve resume

    First off, a big thank you to this site. Such great information and the help from others has been outstanding. Earlier this year in April I received the denial letter from the Air Force Academy. Since then I have inspected every aspect of my resume and have taken lots of steps to gain...