AROTC 3-2 Engineering Program


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Oct 8, 2017
The college I plan to attend next fall offers a 3-2 program for engineering. Which basically means that I will do 3 years at my college and will receive a bachelors degree in that field. Then attend another college for 2 years and receive another bachelors degree. I definitely will talk to my PMS about how the ROTC scholarship will work with this, but would just like to know if anybody has tried a 3-2 program with ROTC scholarship.
A scholarship can only pay for one degree, so I think your plan is not going to work as stated. First question to consider is if you have a scholarship why wouldn’t you just attend the school that will offer you the final engineering degree? Does school number one actually confer a degree based on three years of work, or does the second school just accept the 3 years as prerequisites. Do you want to be an Army Officer. You willing to take the path required to serve? I’m guessing you don’‘think have a scholarship offer yet, so you may not even have to worry about making the 3-2 work with a scholarship. Without the scholarship you should be fine.