AROTC Acceptance or Denial Form


Nov 20, 2016
I sent in my acceptance form to the cadet command e-mail address provided in the winner letter. Should I be expecting a reply confirming that they received it? I almost feel like it would be smart to mail it as well just to be safe.
DD also scanned them and attached under the file upload tab in application portal. There are drop down choices for intent & acknowledgement, declination, change of schools, university acceptance letter, etc.
at some point the portal will change to reflect the acceptance.
last year my son also sent a copy of the email to his ROO and followed up with a phone call.
i agree to mail it as well with a note that it is a hard copy of what had been emailed on x date
Ok guys, let's use some common sense...the folks at Cadet Command who process scholarships are not many, and they handle about 12000 apps a year. If you email, and upload, and mail your acceptance then you just created three times the work for them. Don't your decision, contact your Battalion of choice and wait. Your status will change, and if it doesn't your Battalion will back you up. And you have a sent email too. There is no need to submit multiple time.
I see that the winner letter is posted in the file upload area of the app. Do they also send you a winner letter by mail or is it just the online one from the application?
DD received in mail last Thursday I believe, returned signed documents on Friday and her portal updated today to Accepted under Selection Status.
Okay because I was told that something in the mail should arrive in ten business days but I'm not sure when that would be, I am guessing 10 business days from Thursday the 9th so if I do not receive anything by this Friday I guess I should probably contact cadet command? I didn't know if there was any rhyme or reason to when they are sent out or if it's just taking a while by mail to get from Fort Knox up to PA.