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I am currently Active Army and have been selected for the CG's hip pocket scholarship SY 19-20 at my post. I have been accepted to the school and the whole 9 yards. My packet was submitted on the goarmy site and my status is currently eligible as of 25MAR19.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with the website and the timeline associated with it.

I am already anticipating a DQ for medical. I passed out 4 times in AIT. Long story short: Lost my period during Basic, got it back during AIT in force and it caused me to drop 4 times over the span of 1 month. I took a **** ton of iron pills, got used to the new elevation, changed up my diet and I have been good to go ever since. Last syncopal episode was 9 Nov 2017. I've even deployed since then... no issues. Healthy as a horse. PT score 281. I'm set.

But I am very nervous about this waiver and I want to get it out of the way now. How would I hear back from DoDMERB. Also got on their website as a new applicant and it says that my file has not been submitted. Any thoughts?