Can I be admitted before I am medically qualified?

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    I have been on HOLD since early November. I also have 4 nominations, passed my CFA, and sent in my 7th semester grades. It looks like it may take a while to get medically qualified though because I have to get a echocardiogram. Please excuse me if this has been asked before, but can I be admitted before I am medically qualified? Do I have to wait until DoDMERB qualifies me until the board will even consider me?

    Thank you!!
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    No, you will not be offered admission unless and until you are medically qualified. It is possible to receive a Letter of Assurance (LOA) which means that if certain conditions are met, you will be offered admission. In your case, they might offer you an LOA conditional on your passing DODMERB. It is a good sign that they want you to have an echocardiogram. If you were not very competitive, they would not have you bother with more testing. Get the test done as soon as possible. Also, make sure to stay in close touch with admissions and keep them updated with any new accomplishments. Good luck.
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