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    I have a few questions to ask so I'll just put them all into one post: I recently received two, three year scholarships (AROTC) to both a public and private school and seem to be having a hard time deciding which to choose. The private school has about 4000 students while the public school has about 26,000. However, the ROCT programs are about the same size (the private school is a little smaller). The private school has given me pretty hefty scholarships and grants and free room and board. It would end up costing me about $60,000 more to go to the public school. Should this choice be a no-brainer? I am also very determined to go active duty and am wondering if choosing one school over another would impact my chances of getting chosen. On the topic of going AD, I am also wondering what goes into choosing those who get picked. I have heard all that matters is GPA and PT scores, but are there any other factors? And finally, one last question: Do I still get a stipend freshmen year even though my scholarship kicks in sophomore year?
    To Summarize:
    1. Private or Public School?
    2. What factors go into deciding who goes active duty?
    3. Do three year scholarship winners get the stipend their freshmen year?
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    3. The acceptance package indicates that 3yr AD winners receive no financial benefit freshman year.
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    1. Sorry only you can decide this for sure. Which school would you enjoy attending? Which school would be more affordable without the 3 year scholarship?
    2. Gpa, pt scores, battalion participation, extracurriculars, CULP, foreign language study, study abroad, public speaking, college athletics (leadership), standardized testing at CLC. PMS recommendation, CLC evaluation. There's probably more I've missed.
    3. Stipend and book allowance don't start till you're contracted, if you're a three year winner that won't be till sophomore year.
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    Bottom line is what school feels right to you? Where would you be happiest and thrive? There are pros and cons to large and small schools, it matters what fits you best. The school that is the best fit is the school that you will succeed at and do best at.
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    +1 for Hoops

    The only schools that have an "official" advantage for Active Duty selection in the Army are the SMCs. So if the private school you are considering is Norwich then there is a possible advantage. As for as public schools, I'm assuming you aren't considering TAMU given the numbers you quoted. Not sure of UNG or Va Tech's numbers. (VMI's and Citadel's numbers are too small so I assume they aren't under consideration by you)

    Do your best wherever you are and the rest will take care of itself.
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    You need to choose the school that has the best education for what you want to major in.
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    1) Do you think you would excel at a school with smaller classes? My daughter went to a private school with 4K students and the average class size for her major was 20 students. My son went to a school with 25K students and he had some classes with 300+ students. Obviously, my daughter had easier access to her instructors. My daughters school had no football team and about 5-7 different food options on campus. My son's school has a nationally ranked football team and 15-20 food options on campus. Is an awesome gym important to you? How about a great library with all the latest and greatest technology? Which provides better opportunities for your lifestyle when you're not in glass?

    2) nofodad hit on all the *major* points above but there are absolutely other factors such as race & gender. You essentially get an OML (Order Merit List) score and if you're in the Top 10% nationally, you should get AD in whatever branch you want. Other than the Top 10%, there's no real science to it. A cadet in my sons unit had an OML score of 48 or 49 this year and was forced into the Reserves. Another cadet in his unit had an OML of 45 and was slotted into Infantry, his 1st choice on his branching wish list.

    3) You get paid starting your sophomore year BUT if you show up on day one eager & motivated, blow the PT test out of the water and then get outstanding grades your 1st semester, you *MAY* get your scholarship upgraded to a 3.5 or 4 year scholarship. It doesn't always happen and is different every year but not a year goes by that we don't hear about that happening for several cadets on this board alone.

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