Class Rings!


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Jun 9, 2006
So, this is an exciting couple days for 2010ers! I ordered my class ring yesterday, less than 5 months till I have it on my finger. :) Very good day!
ahh hornet, congrats. that's a HUGE deal.. after ring dance, i wanna see it.
CONGRATS, Hornet!!! I know someone who might need a little head knockin' with that big ring! :shake:
lmao. Thanks all. I got a large 14K gold ring. It has a cluster top. So, it has a 6x6mm blue star sapphire and around it are eight 2pt (I think that's the size) stones with four diamonds at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 clock positions with blue sapphires at the 2, 4, 8, and 10 clock positions. I can't wait to get that hunk of metal and stones! I can't believe its almost here, time is going faster and faster!
Wow! Hornet's almost officially a "ring knocker"!
NOT until he can "spin it around to show the shield/class crest in "graduate" mode... :smile:

But he's close enough to taste it!!! :thumb:
BLUE sapphires? Wow, you must really think a LOT of the 2012-ers! :shake:

(LOL! Just kiddin'! Congrats on your ring!)
Congrats Hornet!

Jeez, so many stones. And the class "logo" (not sure what you call it) is on the sides right? I always wondered how those were picked. Does your class have to take a vote on what they will look like?
Yes, the class crest is on one side. We have contracted artists render about three different designs, then our class votes on the favorite. All the crests have several features in common, more than I'd like to list here right now.
Hornetguy, I think you'll be truly happy with that star sapphire. Very nice choice. Its indeed one pretty stone, especially when the light hits it.

Class. You haz it. :biggrin:
nice LOLcat reference, one of my favorite time wasting activities. :) lol

I really like the star sapphires that I've seen some people with here, I'm looking forward to it!