denied travel reimbursement


Norwich dad 2023
Apr 11, 2019
DS flew from San Diego to Georgia for a few weeks before he reported to Norwich U so he flew from San Diego to Orlando to Vermont. He was denied travel reimbursement because his flight had to be direct from San Diego to his school. Is there anyway around that like an average flight travel reimbursement? I find it hard to believe that he won’t be getting any travel pay back for any of his travel
i actually think that sounds right. we asked for flight reimbursement for NSI that was coming from a city different than out home city and it was denied (DS was going to be in his college city for orientation so we had to scramble to get that changed up so his flight was from his hometown). they were sticklers about it for us at least.
They are pretty clear that the air travel has to be from his home of record straight to his school. The travel cost for the flights you described will probably be his responsibility.
It's been a couple years, but when DS first reported, we drove from home in California to Michigan, making a baseball road trip of it. He was able to be reimbursed for what a plane ticket from home airport to school would have cost, according to a gov't fare schedule. Things may have changed since then or maybe the person at your school if unfamiliar with how to process this.
@ProudDad17 is correct.

The usual way this situation gets reconciled is you get reimbursed for the cost of a ticket from home to school. The excess cost would be on you.

I’d make a little more noise on this.