1. P

    Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets V Texas A&M Corps of Cadet

    I am a service academy applicant for the class of 2027. I had a quick question in regards to the SMC's. In the case that the service academy option does not work out, as a backup option I am considering Texas A&M and Virginia Tech amongst other SMC's because of the corps of cadet programs...
  2. T

    STP at VMI

    Does anyone have experience attending the summer transitional program ( STP) at VMI I want to attend , but the cost will be approximately 5K for one class because of out of state tuition.
  3. W

    ranking the difficulty of getting each of the 17 army branches.

    I am planning on commissioning army from VMI and I was wondering how hard it is to branch in something like Finance corps. I am not too interested on branching combat arms or something like transportation, but it’d be interesting to know how competitive all of the possible career options are...
  4. jcobbdawg

    denied travel reimbursement

    DS flew from San Diego to Georgia for a few weeks before he reported to Norwich U so he flew from San Diego to Orlando to Vermont. He was denied travel reimbursement because his flight had to be direct from San Diego to his school. Is there anyway around that like an average flight travel...
  5. M

    Anyone with insight about Band at the SMCs?

    We are very early in the process, but my DS who is interested in serving as a military officer also thoroughly enjoys band. He is a percussionist. I was wondering if anyone on here happens to have any experience with a band at an SMC. I imagine it's similar in nature to high school band but...
  6. T

    Am I Making a Mistake

    Hey, I’m a student that was accepted to two SMC’s but didn’t achieve the scholarship because of lower PT scores. Since denial, I’ve worked on and continue to make progress on improving in this category. As of right now, I’ve been accepted into my state scholar’s college with more than a full...
  7. USNAismyplace

    Pleasantly surprised by Norwich!

    I applied to Norwich a couple weeks ago just out of curiosity as a USNA hopeful, and I just received my acceptance in the mail with a respectable merit scholarship! I could not be more excited about this! My NROTC scholarship results still await me, but Norwich is definitely up there with some...
  8. Jeepstuff19

    UNG Anyone? Part 2

    Hey good news! If you applied to UNG already you should check your application, mine just got accepted
  9. H

    Hazing (or lack thereof) at SMC’s...?

    DS was awarded an Immediate Scholarship Reservation (ISR) NROTC Scholarship. He hasn’t been placed yet, but listed on his application and has been accepted to VMI, Citadel, and Norwich. He got a bit spooked very recently, though, reading some stories about hazing problems at some of the SMCs...
  10. W

    Ask Me Anything: Rat at Virginia Military Institute

    I'm currently a Rat wrapping up the Ratline, or six month indoctrination process at VMI. Also, a mechanical engineering major and Midshipman 4th Class in the Naval ROTC unit at VMI. Ask me anything!
  11. D

    NC State AROTC???

    I was just wondering some things about the AROTC Program at NC State, as I haven't been able to find much about it online. I am currently a freshman at Virginia Tech on 4 year AROTC scholarship, and am considering transferring to NC State next year. If anyone has any info/advice/ experiences to...
  12. MissO

    Ask a Knob

    One thing I vividly remember from my senior year of high school was seeking out any and all information about The Citadel that I could find... and what I found is that talking to current knobs was a good source of information. Therefore, I am opening this thread up for anyone with questions...
  13. MissO

    Good News! And Bad News...

    Hello all, I have some very exciting news to share! After much hard work and diligence, I was finally awarded a 3-year AROTC scholarship to the SMC I will be attending this fall. This is obviously the good news.. The "bad" news, is that I will have to pay for the entire first year, which is...
  14. M

    How many on-campus based ROTC scholarships are offered at an SMC

    If a cadet comes in without a 4 year Army scholarship, is he/she able to compete for an on-campus based scholarship at an SMC? I'm guessing there are more scholarships offered at an SMC than at a regular college, but at the same time, hundreds of cadets are competing for that scholarship so I'm...
  15. MissO

    3rd Board Chances?

    Hello everyone. I was notified by the ROO at the college I will be attending that I was not awarded a scholarship on the 2nd board. I am working on my backup option if I am not awarded a 3 year national from the 3rd board. I understand it is impossible to tell someone if they will get a...
  16. C

    University of North Georgia Experience

    Hi, I thought I would take the time to share about what I have observed and learned from afar about my son's experience at UNG. DS graduates and commissions on Dec. 17th from the U of N. Georgia. When my son was a HS senior in Maryland while searching for potential colleges to attend we found...
  17. G

    Hazing severity

    i am curious of what SMC has the most/worst hazing , i am lead believe the citadel is the most brutal , however any stories or sources would be much appreciated
  18. A

    Assortment of Questions Relating to Branching, Scholarships, etc.

    Hello everyone, to start off, I'll say a little about myself. I'm a junior in high school. Currently trying to enlist into the VA Army National Guard as Infantry. Assuming I get in, I'm having a few problems but everything should clear up, I will do split training. So I will go to Amy BCT...
  19. O

    VMI and the Citadel Questions

    I am currently applying to the United States Naval Academy, Virginia Military Institute, and the Citadel. I have a full-ride NROTC scholarship and am weighing the pros and cons of VMI and the Citadel in the event that I am not accepted to the Academy. I am currently leaning heavily toward VMI...