Did I screw up? AROTC DoDMERB


Sep 12, 2016
Hello, I'm a 3-year AROTC AD scholarship winner and today I finally got around to submitting my medical history and scheduling a DoDMERB physical exam date. I answered honestly to all questions including my past experiences with alcohol and marijuana. I experimented with weed on one occasion nearly 6 months before I applied for the scholarship and I have no hesitations disclosing that information; after reading similar threads, that seemed like the right move anyway.

The only problem is that I can't remember previously disclosing drug use during the application process. I know for a fact that my interviewing PMS never asked any questions regarding drug use but I'm worried that a question during the qualifying survey may have dealt with the topic and I answered untruthfully during the early application process. I went back and viewed as much as my application as possible (none of which asks about drug use) but the survey is locked. Personally, I find it hard to imagine that the DoDMERB is the first time the matter is being brought up.

My greatest fear is that I'll show up first week on campus and find out that a review board has revoked my scholarship. Am I at risk of this happening? All opinions welcome
Very unlikely you would be at risk. Best to always answer truthfully, but you're so early in the process that I suspect a "bad decision" will be forgiven.
There are no "review boards". The only places you might be asked about previous use are on the medical history form for DODOMERB and the 139r Cadet enrollment form. I think you might be thinking a little too hard. You'll be fine.
Well, thank you gentlemen. I probably am over-complicating things as clarksonarmy pointed out. It's still early in the process but I'd hate to blow one of the biggest opportunities of my life over one mistake. You've all been helpful, and I feel rather reassured.
The best thing you can do right now is start practicing the APFT so you can contract as soon as possible. (If you excel during your MS-I year it is "possible" to get a half- year extension to your 3 year AD offer).