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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by FireBall57, Jan 2, 2016.

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    Hey everyone. I am currently a second-semester freshman AFROTC cadet and my major goal in the Air Force is to become a pilot. My second choice (backup) is to become a combat rescue officer.

    However, my second choice could possibly become my first as I have absolutely no idea what happens if one fails to complete the pilot pipeline. I don't want to get thrown into any random position and I fear this may be the case, but I cannot find any proof to back this up.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    There is a lot of info regarding pilot training (Pima and fencersmom come to mind for more advice) just use the search feature. AFROTC is really a 2+2 type of scholarship (first 2 years are guaranteed and last 2 are conditional on you being selected for SFT if not selected for SFT, you will be dis-enrolled from ROTC). To me that would be my first hurdle. Second after completing SFT do well enough on the tests and move onto the various pilot tracks (TBAS, IFS and more).
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    I am going to assume you mean if you wash out of UPT. There is no pilot pipeline that I know of in AFROTC.

    md403 is correct it is a 2 +2 situation in AFROTC.
    ~ SFT selection does not care if you are on scholarship or not. It is what the ADAF calls "masked" . IOWS the members of the board have no clue which cadet is on scholarship and which cadet is not. If you look up the breakdown, you will see % for cgpa, PFA, AFOQT, and CoC ranking...nowhere will you see a % assigned for being on scholarship.

    As a junior (AS300), this is the only place I can think you are talking about the pilot pipeline, you will again compete for a "rated" slot just like the SFT. You will rank out which pipeline you want. To raise your chances for pilot selection, I would strongly suggest you get some flight hours in. It bumps up your PCSM.
    ~ If not selected than you go into the non-rated board that meets in the fall of your AS400.

    Now, for some reality. CRO is very competitive. Probably harder to get a slot than a pilot slot. CRO is also probably harder to graduate from than UPT. It is a much smaller AFSC.

    If you go to UPT and wash out. Chances are you will not get a CRO assignment. If you wash out there, you will be what is called FEBd. It is another board and they determine where you will go for your remaining committment. My bet is if you washed out and wanted to be in that CRO type of world, your best chances would be an ALO. Not the USAFA ALO, but the ones that call in air strikes for ground troops. Google Prince Harry and F15E.

    Hope that helps.
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    From what I have observed from re-class students is that everyone seems to get their #1 choice for their next career. I know of about 6 people who re-classed and they all got their #1 choice (including one who actually asked to separate). The impression I get is that if you have a great attitude and really put the work in, everything will work out fine. In regards to CRO specifically, that might be tough to swing since that's a long application process. Pima is spot on with ALO though. I know two guys who got ALO when they reclassed (see above - great attitude, hard workers). As a second semester freshman, I would just stay open to all career fields and academically put yourself in a position where you could snag any job you want. Best of luck!

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