Help Interpreting DoDMERB Correspondence?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by skylarj1776, Feb 24, 2019.

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    I am a candidate for the US Naval Academy with a conditional offer of appointment(LOA). Quite a while ago, I sent in my initial medical exam, and was then requested to send several remedials, which I promptly submitted. Several weeks later, I was medically disqualified for asthma after 13. I heard nothing of the other remedials, so I had assumed that they had not disqualified me for them.

    Yesterday, I logged into my DoDMERB portal to find a new entry into the log,

    "Date letter sent - Reviewed Medical at Program(s) Request R259.01,R241.00,R242.03,R242.06,R242.07"
    There are no further entries, instructions, or otherwise any indications on my status. Previously, below the log, were links to the two pdf DQ/Remedial letters for USNA and NROTC, as well as an indication of my status, which was "pending waiver submission/review". Now, there is nothing, just the bottom of the webpage.

    Being that there are no longer any further instructions or links, I am severely confused on what to do. I can not find online or on DODMERB a list of code meanings for the new remedials. So far, I have only emailed my DoDMERB technicians asking these questions.
    Could anyone provide advice on what this could mean, or how I should approach the situation?
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    I believe the website is just having issues right now. I had a similar situation with a DQ for asthma and several other remedials which I thought were all clear. Later I received even more remedial codes just to clarify that the other conditions were not issues. All other remedials need to be cleared before you can be officially DQ and can start the waiver process. As soon as the website gets fixed and the PDF shows up, send in whatever they ask for.
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    DD had the same thing. Since DODMERB is having issues, you can try logging into DODMETS as the remedial actions should be listed there as well.
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