1. R

    West Point application - allergies/cough

    I am excited to be applying for West Point. My biggest worry is the Dodmerb Report of Medical History. I have been getting allergy shots for environmental sensitivities for about 4 years and should be able to stop those in the upcoming year. I rarely need any over the counter meds or anything...
  2. H

    Asthma waiver question

    My daughter is in the process of applying for the USAFA and I have a question about the medical form. She was diagnosed with environmental allergies (runny nose, sneezing, etc.) as a child and completed a course of allergy shots and has been medication/shot free for 2 years with no symptoms...
  3. 2

    Asthma 1 Month After 13th Birthday

    So here is the situation: I was last seen for "asthma" approximately one month after my 13th birthday. I already know this will result in a DQ. I have never been prescribed any medication or seen for asthma after that date; however, the word "asthma" still appears in my conditions to this day...
  4. 2

    Asthma 1 Month After 13th Birthday

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  5. M

    Misdiagnosed Vocal Cord Dysfunction

    When I was 13, I saw an allergist for problems with my exercise. I think I just wasn't in shape, but convinced myself it was a problem with my breathing (which is normal for an unconditioned person). I was given an inhaler but tested negative twice for exercise induced bronchospasm. They...
  6. D

    Misdiagnosed Asthma, Passed Pulmonary, Now What?

    Hey everyone, I'm a 33 year old male who has been wanting to enlist in the Armed Forces since I was seventeen. In 2007, taking a break during my undergad, I spoke with a Navy recruiter and went down to MEPS in Portland, Oregon. I passed with an 84, and the exam. However, at the end, they had...
  7. S

    USNA/NROTC Asthma Waiver Granted

    I'm posting this to hopefully help out some people out there seeking a waiver for asthma to either USNA or NROTC. After several month long process and much correspondence with USNA and DoDMERB, my waiver for asthma after the age of 13 (D241.30) was granted for both. Initially, I was given a...
  8. I

    Question about asthma in USAFA

    If I've had an inhaler after my 13th birthday, but it's never been used and I have no asthma symptoms, does this count as "reliably diagnosed or treated after the 13th birthday". It was diagnosed before 13th birthday, but I've been given treatment for it after my thirteenth birthday because my...
  9. E

    Advice on how to deal w Asthma

    Hi there - this is my first post on this forum. I have learned a lot by reading through various threads. I am reaching out to anyone who could help... My son is a sophomore in High School with good SAT scores, good academics overall. He was diagnosed with mild asthma around age 6 or 7 and...
  10. S

    Help Interpreting DoDMERB Correspondence?

    Hello, I am a candidate for the US Naval Academy with a conditional offer of appointment(LOA). Quite a while ago, I sent in my initial medical exam, and was then requested to send several remedials, which I promptly submitted. Several weeks later, I was medically disqualified for asthma after...
  11. J

    Waiver for Asthma and Eczema

    Hello all just wanted to provide some hope for those who were disqualified for asthma and eczema. I was disqualified somewhere around October because I checked off the boxes in my initial exam. Due to my liaison officer at USMA telling me it would be best to get a Methacoline challenge test, I...
  12. S

    DoDMERB Asthma D241.30 - Help Interpreting Spirometry Results?

    Hello, I am a candidate for USNA with a conditional offer of appointment(LOA). I am currently working through the medical process, and I had a couple questions. Several weeks ago, DoDMERB requested 4-5 remedial AMI's for different medical conditions and such, and upon checking my portal today...
  13. A


    Hey, USMA 2023 candidate here. I received my LOA about 3 weeks ago! I’m a recruited athlete, passed my CFA, received a congressional nomination, but i’ve been DQ for asthma:( My asthma isn’t really a problem. It’s not exercise induced, it doesn’t usually act up but sometimes it does from...
  14. A

    DODMERB, Asthma, additional testing

    Hey, USMA 2023 candidate here. I received my LOA about 3 weeks ago! I’m a recruited athlete, passed my CFA, received a congressional nomination, but i’ve been DQ for asthma:( My asthma isn’t really a problem. It’s not exercise induced, it doesn’t usually act up but sometimes it does from...
  15. tonyyanks2

    USMA Asthma

    Hi, I was wondering how Asthma affects the admissions process. Will it hold me back? Do they have different policies if it was a childhood issue? Is exercise induced Asthma handled differently? Thanks, Tony
  16. M

    AFROTC DQ and Navy OCS

  17. J

    Possible Asthma DQ?

    So I have a question regarding a possible asthma and allergies DQ. When I was 6 years old until shortly after I turned 9 years old, I saw an allergy-immunologist who initially diagnosed me with allergic rhinitis and intrinsic asthma. During the ages mentioned, I was taking an inhaled steroid for...
  18. J

    Waiver Situation: Is It Futile?

    Hey there, I'm posting to discuss my current situation with DoDMERB as I am an applicant to USMA, USNA, USAFA, and AROTC. I am most interested in attending Clemson University on my 4-year Army Scholarship. I will start from the very beginning; it will take a moment to get to my points, but all...
  19. K

    Dreaded asthma after 13

    My son has asthma listed several times, always when he had a respiratory infection. We had a full PFT and passed with flying colors. Pulmonologist stated in report unlikely to have or had asthma. The DoDMETs examining Doc put asymptomatic for asthma on the report. Will the DoDMERB accept that...
  20. S

    Waiver Process for ROTC Applicants

    Hello, I am currently a junior in high school who will be applying for the NROTC Marine Option scholarship. As a child I was diagnosed with asthma and was given an inhaler, but I never had any issues and have competed in many sports my whole life. I have talked to my recruiter about this and he...