1. B

    NAPS help

    Good evening I’m a current napster and I need some advice. We are coming back from our Christmas leave, entering the hardest part of NAPS. Can I get advice on how to enjoy the time I have left instead of hating it? Don’t get me wrong NAPS has helped me SO MUCH, but It’s just so annoying.
  2. NeptunePride

    NAPS info?

    Hello everybody, I received an offer for NAPS last week. Which I accepted. I completed all of the required documents on my portal: body alterations form, criminal background check, vaccinations, etc. they are not anymore on my portal. I haven’t received my physical acceptance letter from them...
  3. NeptunePride

    NAPS offers 2022

    1. Juddusna, self, Feb 6, 2023, Accepted, Senator and congressman.
  4. P

    NAPS Acceptance and Bureaucratic Limbo

    My DS received an acceptance to NAPS, and we couldn’t be happier or prouder. His application has been complete for some time, but there is a block due to a handwritten form from a third party having an illegible entry. He has gone above and beyond in getting the third party to resend the form...
  5. WAProudMom

    NAPS Class Appointment list

    Lets celebrate & share the good news for those receiving appointments to NAPS. Utilize the format and process of the USNA Class Appointment lists. THE FORMAT: This is the simplest and oldest format, a straight text list, no formatted tables, that is described in following paragraphs. If you...
  6. D

    NAPS Acceptance Notice

    How are candidates notified if they were selected to attend Naval Academy prep-school or not? I randomly checked my portal today and with no email or TWE it said Turned down. Do I have to be turned down in order to be considered for NAPS? Is this the end of the line?
  7. J

    Does NAPS guarantee an appointment?

    My question is essentially the title. If you're sent to NAPS rather than recieving a direct appointment, after completing NAPS are you guaranteed an appointment or do you have to go through the whole admission/nomination process again?
  8. LoganWHS

    Need An Answer About An Odd Situation About My BGO And NAPS.

    About a few days ago, I got a call from my Blue and Gold officer from USNA about why I hadn't finished my application. I explained that I did not receive nominations to the Naval Academy and that I was just focusing on my West Point and King's Point applications. He said that I can still receive...
  9. W

    Prior enlisted no longer wants to Attend NAPS or USNA after accepte

    What happens when a midshipman candidate who is prior enlisted decides they no longer want to attend the academy or NAPS. Are they sent back to the command they previously came from or sent where ever the needs of the Navy are? Do they get to finish the remainder of their contract with the same...
  10. W

    Prior Enlisted Accepted to NAPS no longer wants to go to NAPS or the Academy

    What happens when a midshipman candidate decides they no longer want to attend the academy or NAPS. Are they sent back to the command they previously came from or sent where ever the needs of the Navy are? Do they get to finish the remainder of their contract with the same rate?
  11. A

    Who are the "detailers" or "upperclassmen" at NAPS?

    Hello. This is a pretty random question, but I was wondering who teaches the new students who go to NAPS since it's only a one year long program? There isn't really much time to have an upper-class and lower-class, right? Do Naval Academy Midshipmen "staff" their indoctrination or something...
  12. A

    Can you apply to NAPS separately and still get into the Academy afterwards?

    I've heard that most people who attend NAPS get into the Naval Academy. Is it possible to apply for NAPS and then just transfer to USNA, or is NAPS by invitation only?
  13. A

    NAPS 2020 Waitlists

    I was notified Monday 04/13/2020 that I'm currently on the waitlist. I just wanted to get an estimate of how many slots there might be available. I also haven't heard back from the USAFA.
  14. B

    Medical waiver rejection? Help!

    I was recently offered a LOA for NAPS '20, contingent on a medical waiver. Last year I had a freak kidney stone which was non obstructing and removed . DoDMERB asked for AMI so I sent them every record the hospital had on my case, and I waited. I just received correspondence from a medical...
  15. S

    NAPS Appointments?

    I haven't seen anybody report NAPS appointments, which leads me to believe that a few of us who are CPR may have NAPS in store for us. Additionally, I have a question about NAPS: does NAPS have the same DoDMERB requirement as the academy? I was medically DQed, do I still have a chance to get a...
  16. S

    Has anyone received an appointment to NAPS yet?

    If you receive an appointment to NAPS or a foundation school, do you still get a phone call from your congressman? Do NAPS appointments tend to be given later in the admissions cycle than USNA appointments? Thanks in advance! I’ve been so stressed these last couple of days...
  17. N

    Current NAPSter, taking questions

    Hey everyone, I am currently a NAPSter (applied for class of 2022, am now Navy CO 2023) and I got appointed here around this time last year. I remember being thouroughly confused about NAPS and I did not figure out anything until actually going through it. I would have loved to have known a...
  18. pdwarren

    What is the application/admission process for NAPS?

    The daughter of a close friend did not receive a nomination to USNA for 2019, despite a strong application/resume. Is NAPS an option for continuing to pursue USNA admission? If so, what is the process for applying? What credentials are they looking for?
  19. U

    Nomination rescinded for NAPS???

    Hi all, I originally received a nomination to the naval academy, but I noticed that it was gone from my portal last night. After frantically contacting my admissions counselor my congressman's office contacted me to let me know they had rescinded my nomination. At first I was taken aback and...
  20. C

    Reserve to Naval Academy

    Enrolling st the Naval Academy has always been one of my many goals; however, I’ve faced several problems along the way which has prevented me from applying for the Academy while I’m still in high school. I’m confident that I have the athletic and extracurricular strengths that would be...