JAMZMOM has passed on.


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Feb 2, 2008
To those of you who have been on this forum for a while - I have the sad , sad information to report that JAMZMOM has passed away from lung cancer. I never met her but I was a virtual friend first on here and then on Facebook. She was a founding member of this forum, - and was a unique spirit who could both pass serious and useful information to anyone interested in USMMA, and have you laughing almost nonstop- I wish I had the opportunity to meet her in person. Rest in Peace Shelley
I too recall the humor in her posts. What a gift. Thank you for sharing.
I'm sorry I never had the pleasure of conversing with her on the forum.

Prayers and condolences to her family and friends.
Just to honor her, I'm posting JAMZMOM's avatar, which always made me smile.

How nice to see it. I hope her family hears of our fond remembrance of her and her contributions.
Her contributions here will live on forever. May her family find comfort

Push Hard, Press Forward
I'm very sorry to hear of her passing. She was one of the first members of the forum and I always enjoyed reading her posts. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

Her posts were always pleasant. Very sad news...

In the AF, and among USAFA grads, we have a tradition...when we lose one of our own, we think back to the third verse of the Air Force Song...and we raise a glass and simply say...

"A Toast..."

Oh, Shelley was gifted, humorous, fun, and serious, all at once. Missing her already.