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Mar 8, 2017
Hello Again,
Everyone has been telling me that in order to get into the Naval Academy you should have a good leadership position. I work 3 jobs but I am not really in any leadership positions. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any leadership positions, or if I should join a program similar to the Young Marines. Thanks!!!!!
Captain of a Varsity team. Officer in a club at school or starting one, Student Government, Eagle Scout or Gold Award. High rank in JR ROTC. Organizing some kind of civic project or leading one. I hear of some cool things that HS students have done that made a difference. You can google some projects to get some ideas but all those things indicate leadership qualities.
If you are working three jobs in lieu of involvement in clubs/sports use the personal statement to explain that you are employed. Articulate your work ethic and if you 'lead" at work - shift lead perhaps.

If you are working to help your family that would also say quite a bit about who you are.

Make sure your BGO knows your story
You can't create "leadership" positions for your application ....but there are plenty of opportunities to demonstrate leadership potential. Sure, many don't appear on the check the block part of the USNA application, but that is why you write a personal statement , and do the BGO interview. Tell your story .. I have had plenty of candidates that were "leaders"..but really didn't recognize it because they didn't have any titles.
Leadership can take many forms. For example, a number of years ago I worked with a young man whose father was a geographic bachelor and thus he essentially was the "dad" of the house, responsible for getting his siblings to school, helping them with their homework, fixing meals after school, etc. That is obviously a form of leadership.

As noted above, you can lead at work. Even if you're not a shift lead, if you're someone who's always helping out new employees, etc., that could be leadership -- and it may be helpful to you to get a letter of rec from one of your employers.

You can also lead a project at an organization -- school or otherwise -- that is of interest to you. Ideas include Special Olympics, pet adoption days, working with a senior center, etc.