Malignant Tumor Waiver Timeframe? (AFROTC HSSP)


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Mar 10, 2018
Hello all, newbie here.
I applied for and received an AFROTC 4-year Type 7 scholarship through the High School Scholarship Program (I am a senior this year), and have been waiting on my waiver (portal has said "pending waiver submission/review" for about a month now). My specific DQ code has to do with cancer that I have been in remission from for about 11 years now, and I was wondering how much longer I will have to wait, and whether or not I will have this waiver cleared by the time I start college in the fall. Thanks for any and all advice!
Also, the cancer has had no long term side effects, and is completely gone from my body and has been since 2006. Thanks!
Good for You! No advice because I'm not sure... but GOOD LUCK!!!
Keep in mind that there is absolutely no guarantee that a waiver will granted. The status you quoted doesn't even state that it has been submitted, let alone reviewed. Some folks start the school year without having received a waiver. That being said 11 years is a long time and you probably have a good shot.