Medical Waiver Question (Retained Hardware)


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Jun 18, 2020
Hello all,

So obviously I know you all don’t have the whole picture of the situation, but I’ll try to detail it as best as I can. I’m in NROTC, about to commission at the end of the year. I’ve already had one DODMERB physical and been in perfect health. But this summer, I broke my arm. Compound fracture - pretty nasty. Had surgery and had to have the bone set back in place, and have two metal plates put in - one on my radius and one on my ulna. That was about 6 weeks ago, and I have a supposed 6 weeks left until it’s totally good.

In all honesty, my arm already feels pretty much fine. Bottom line, I have full range of motion and am confident I can bear normal weight on it very soon, given the time I have left to heal.

I have yet to service select but I was thinking Aviation or Surface Warfare, with my NAMI physical for Aviation in Pensacola coming up in October - by then, I theoretically should be fully healed up.

Will it require a waiver to commission with the plates in my arm? What’s the likelihood of that waiver being approved if the plates are stable, not intrusive on any physical movement, with no palpable screws, and my physical capabilities are as on par as they were before I broke my arm? Will I need to get the hardware taken out to have any hope of commissioning? Will this effect my ability to join the Navy in certain URL communities and not others, or would I theoretically have the green light for any of my choosing, once healed?

I’m just kinda worried if this warrants any sort of medical DQ or a waiver that’s unlikely to get approved. I’ve done nearly 4 years in the ROTC program already, and was so close to commissioning, so as you might expect this is a pretty big bummer... I’m just praying it doesn’t end my Navy career before it ever truly started.

In conclusion, I’m just hoping someone can give me a straightforward answer as to waiverability/continuation in the Navy, on the assumption that my physical fitness, range of motion, and grip strength are all back to normal. I am well aware you all might not be able to give me an answer with 100% certainty, but some perspective (especially given personal experiences or just flat-out precedent) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.
Vikingboy560: Send me an email:; provide complete name and last 4; identify your school; past your prosting to the email and I can help you late tonight :wiggle: