1. E

    Should I take the exam?

    I am a little hesitant to schedule my exam because I currently have a knee injury. I am planning on going to the doctor soon but I want to be in decent shape before taking the exam, in terms of health. Should I go ahead and schedule the exam now or should I wait until it heals? thank you.
  2. V

    Medical Waiver Question (Retained Hardware)

    Hello all, So obviously I know you all don’t have the whole picture of the situation, but I’ll try to detail it as best as I can. I’m in NROTC, about to commission at the end of the year. I’ve already had one DODMERB physical and been in perfect health. But this summer, I broke my arm...
  3. T

    Can you keep an AROTC scholarship while injured?

    I have received an appointment to USMA and a full 4-year AROTC scholarship to a civilian college. Unfortunately, I tore my ACL recently and will need surgery on it which will disqualify me for 12 months. I know that at this point, USMA is out of the picture, but I still have hopes for AROTC...
  4. H

    Injury Before Starting ROTC

    I recieved a type 1 AFROTC scholarship for starting at my dream school this fall. Life is great. Except... I have this bucket list trip idea to take a week(s) long adventure (ADV), offroad, dualsport, camping small motorcycle adventure through a part of the Trans America Trail (not alone) early...
  5. T

    POST DoDMERB Torn Labrum + Biceps Tendon

    CONTRACTED ROTC 4-year scholarship winner approaching MS3 (assessment) year. I am a varsity rugby player and just found out that in the course of my fall season and the subsequent pushing through shoulder pain during PT that I have torn both the biceps tendon and labrum in my left shoulder...
  6. S

    Injury Report for hairline fracture that occurred 2 months ago and now back to 100%?

    Hi all. I was appointed to USNA c/o '20 mid-December. I hairline fractured my right radius on March 5th and was proclaimed 100% healed and to resume all activities without restrictions at the beginning of this month. I am able to do push-ups, pull-ups, etc. again with no pain or problem. I know...
  7. nomo1316

    past injuries

    hello! I am a current student in high school and I'm looking for some advice on restrictions on admission regarding injuries. I am aware of many handbooks but just some blurry areas I want to clear up. I had broncho-spasms diagnosed at a young age. I grew out of my inhaler in a very short...