Misdiagnosed Asthma, Passed Pulmonary, Now What?


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Jul 11, 2019
Hey everyone,

I'm a 33 year old male who has been wanting to enlist in the Armed Forces since I was seventeen. In 2007, taking a break during my undergad, I spoke with a Navy recruiter and went down to MEPS in Portland, Oregon. I passed with an 84, and the exam. However, at the end, they had us all put our heads down and asked us to raise our hand when they named a medical condition.

When I was seven years old, I caught the flu and was taken to the ER, and the doc diagnosed me with asthma. I have never had any issues since then. However, I shot myself in the balls when I raised my hand (I didn't want to lie, and didn't know about the "before 13" exception). And like that; PDQ'd. They recommended a med waiver, but I had to return to school. I refocused and obtained my Bachelors, met my wife and married.

Quickly after, I entered my masters program, and during that time, the desire returned again. I spoke with a National Guard recruiter, and went through the process again. However, one thing after another (MEPS losing my materials, recruiter was really bad at communication), went on for nine months. They eventually switched my stuff over to National Guard, and I went to MEPS. However, they never had my materials. I was told to take a PFT. So, I did. The doc (who contracted with the hospital) never gave me my results and refused to see me. Around that time, I entered my doctoral program.

I relocated to another state for predoc and postdoc, and settled. However, again, that calling kept coming back. So, I decided to jump in with both feet and do whatever it took until I would be told a flat "no". Well, that's a lie, I actually fought this calling tooth and nail. So, serving as a psychologist, I was at a community event representing my clinic. And lo and behold, National Guard recruiter table, right next to mine!. I prayed and avoided them like the plague, which lasted about four hours.

I went and spoke to every other table, but inevitably went to their table. We got talking, and I told them about my story, and the recruiter encouraged me to apply. "Why not?", I said. So, I did. I decided to pursue this thing as far as I could. I informed them, and they stated it was likely no big deal. However, since I wanted to make sure everything was lined up, I decided to be proactive and go take a PFT and paid out of pocket. Guess what? My physician and their pulmonary specialist found no indications of asthma. They both wrote letters, including my physician, who stated "He is clear for military duty". After my recruiter blundered the application four to five times, we finally submitted all the paperwork.

The "hurry up and wait" is killing me. From anyone's perspective, how does this look as far as likelihood? I took the PYCAT (?) and got an 87, but it expired because of the mishaps of my recruiter. I would go in E-0 if it meant serving my country, I don't care about Officer at this point. I just want to adhere to this calling I've had going on for over fifteen years.

My recruiter stated they might want a consult with one of their specialists, but wasn't sure. I'm no MEPS doc, but with two letters sharing results and one specifically stating "He's fit for military duty", I want to think this is a for-sure, but of course, I've been having dreams about being denied.

Anything appreciated,
-A hopeful Army National Guard candidate.