Participation When Awaiting Waiver Approval - NROTC


Mar 20, 2023
Hi, I’ve been on the forums for a while now and have read some things here and there about DODMERB and the overall Waiver process. Despite the fact that I am currently an alternate candidate awaiting a decision; I will still attempt to participate as a CP or eventually apply for OCS. So, the question remains relevant to me no matter the situation.

My question lies on some background: I have diagnosed and treated ADHD, which obviously will result in a medical DQ. However, from what I have read, I can receive an acceptable waiver after a year off of medication if my performance does not decline. Additionally, I believe that the scholarship stays valid during this time period.

So, my question is: During the time off medication, as I wait to get an approved waiver, am I allowed to participate in any NROTC activities with my assigned Unit? If I am not allowed, will I have to essentially make up the coursework and NSI once the waiver is approved?

If I am awarded a 4-year scholarship but only officially participate for 3 years, will the freshmen year of tuition still be covered?

Thank you guys for your time.
CPs participate in NROTC without DoDMERB approval. Your scholarship won't kick in until you're DoDMERB approved or have a waiver. So, you should be able to participate. Check with the unit on this as they'll have all the nuances. For example, what happens if/when the waiver is not approved? Can you still continue hoping for a future approval? What happens to the scholarship in this case?