Possible Asthma DQ?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by JL99, Mar 14, 2018.

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    So I have a question regarding a possible asthma and allergies DQ. When I was 6 years old until shortly after I turned 9 years old, I saw an allergy-immunologist who initially diagnosed me with allergic rhinitis and intrinsic asthma. During the ages mentioned, I was taking an inhaled steroid for my asthma treatment, but it never seemed to change my condition much. As well, my asthma symptoms were never serious. I was never treated for an asthma attack and only used a rescue inhaler on occasion as needed, but my allergies to certain pollens and pet dander did not go down. Realizing that I was on a treatment with significant side effects such as stunted growth, my mom made the decision to take me to another doctor who tested me for food allergies, thinking it might be the root cause of my asthma symptoms and other allergies. I tested positive for Wheat and a few other foods. I then stopped all form of steroidal asthma and allergy treatment advised by the original allergy-immunologist, and began a diet where I did not eat any foods I was allergic to. My last visit to the original allergy-immunologist who diagnosed me was 6/26/09 shortly after I turned 9. After a few months of the diet, my allergies and asthma symptoms improved tremendously, and after about a year, I stopped having any asthma symptoms and only had allergies to pet dander and Wheat (my other food sensitivities went back to zero) and never had another diagnosis of asthma or allergies. I know that my diagnosis of asthma was before the age cut off but I am still worried because there were a few inhaler prescriptions which my mom filled in my name after age 12 as a precautionary measure. When one would go missing or expire, she would get a new one to keep just in case. The last one she filled was about 18-24 months ago and I am currently 17 turning 18 in May. If anyone has any insight into whether I should worry about being DQ'd for this in the DODMERB I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
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    The prescription being filled after the age of 13 will be a game changer. To that end if this is what you want go for it. My DS went through asthma prior to the age of 13. Look for some of my prior posts for what we did to help him through this.
    All cases are different and what my DS went through might not help. Be prepared to collect “all” of your medical records for submission. DODMERB also has an email address where you can shoot them any questions. Military medical is a funny thing and for this forum you should only use the feedback as a baseline thought not coming from a professional.
    If you look at my prior posts and have questions shoot me a PM. To get a PM out you need to reach 10 posts.

    Good luck
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    You are going to have to prove that the original diagnosis was incorrect and you never had asthma. However, you may be DQ for having food allergies as you have an allergy to wheat. They cant ding you (of course anything is possible) if you were incorrectly diagnose with astham and incorrectly given an inhaler for it.
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    My DS had asthma and food allergies as a child. He outgrew everything but did have an inhaler prescription after 13. I have read all the forums regarding asthma and realised that many candidates can overcome this and get appointed. I also contacted a SA and spoke to their waiver coordinator. I asked if they have seen asthma waived after 13 and they said yes. Don't give up before you start.