Ramifications of Plan B Schools - Ethics and Morality (UC Irvine)

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    I should have been a bit more careful with my phrasing. I was thinking of an injury before Beast (to where he wouldn't be able to complete Beast) or a DQing injury during. I wasn't clear. Thanks for clarifying.
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    I just want to add into this discussion some information. My DS is fortunate to have an appointment to USAFA and also been offered a Type 1 technical 4 year AFROTC HSSP scholarship. The scholarship acceptance deadline is May 31, a month later than the big day for sending in deposits.

    The instructions for accepting the ROTC scholarship include this statement: "You can accept your Air Force ROTC scholarship even if you have already accepted a scholarship from another service branch or an appointment to any service academy. Once you enlist (i.e. enroll and sign a formal contract) in an ROTC program of another service branch or military academy, however, you forfeit your Air Force ROTC scholarship."

    It would seem to me that this statement would be meaningless unless it is considered acceptable to send in a deposit for a plan B university; after all, you cannot accept the ROTC scholarship without having secured a Letter of Admission (i.e. deposit paid and student enrolled) from the ROTC university at which you may be using the ROTC scholarship. Apparently the ROTC folks understand and appreciate the desire of a student to maintain two irons in the fire for as long as possible to cover anything that may happen in the immediate month or two leading up to in-processing day at a service academy. This being the case, we will keep up our plan B (which includes ROTC) as a possibility right up until in-processing day. And we will be in touch by phone with admissions at our lower cost local state university (no ROTC) as a possible plan C in case for some reason any form of military service were to become impossible before first day of school in late August. This seems like a responsible, ethical, and common sense plan under the circumstances for our DS who has been offered many different opportunities.
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    ROTC and Admissions are two separate entities. The policies of one cannot unilaterally be applied to the other.

    The professional organization I referred to earlier is the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) - virtually all colleges and high schools are institutional members. Most admissions officers and many high school college counselors are individual members. Searching the institutional members directory reveals five surprises: USMA, USNA, USAFA, USCGA, and USMMA.

    Excerpts from their ethical guidelines: Statement of Principles of Good Practice: NACAC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices
    • .... it is unethical to: maintain an active enrollment deposit or the equivalent at more than one US college....
    • Deposits: Enrollment deposits are the fees or written commitments that confirm a student’s intention to enroll.
    • Colleges: Colleges are two-year or four-year post secondary institutions that enroll undergraduates, grant degrees, and are accredited and not-for-profit.