Ratio of applications to various service academies


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Jan 16, 2009
I was talking to a friend, who is applying to USNA, and he said that there were 4 other people that he know of in our graduating class (of about 350) applying to Annapolis, while I was the only one applying to USAFA. Has anyone else noticed a similar disparity at their school? I believe this could be a regional phenomenon, what with South Jersey being so close to Annapolis & the water.

Some states like CO are more pro AF, ones near the ocean.. Navy.. etc. It is a regional thing and also depends on if someone from your school has gone and is successful...gets kids thinking and gives them hope. We are in a "non-military" state..being so liberal up here...but we have a shipyard, so there is Navy interest.
same with my state in Washington. Even though we have McChord AFB and Bremerton, it is very liberal and overall anti-military. i'm the only one apply to a service academy at my school, graduating class about 200.
As the others have said; it is totally regional. But depending on what you want, it can also be a blessing. On the other hand, it can totally reduce your chances of being accepted. By all means, the easiest place to get accepted to the naval academy is probably a small anti-military district in western Nevada or Utah where the furthest thing on anyone's mind is getting sea sick on a ship. On the other hand; living in norfolk virginia would probably make getting accepted to Annapolis almost impossible unless you were the #1 ranked 4.0 student in your class and beat out all the other applicants. Probably close to being more than 100 applicants.
I'm from arizona and I am the only one in my graduating class going for the academies but a lot of other people are going to do army rotc. and in past years people have mostly gone to westpoint but i'm an airforce guy:biggrin:
I'm the only one in my class to be going to a SA (class size=180). First one in school history to go to one of the Big 3 (2 other brothers went to the USMMA).
packermat, are you for sure going have you gotten the appointment yet?
Yeah, I received it in November, and accepted the appointment in December.
damn thats early, congrats, don't they accept the better aplicants early like that?
but ya i'm still waiting, i got the usma appointment tho so i have a backup
Thanks. I received a Letter of Assurance somehow, and my congressman do all of their nomination stuff early, so I received the appointment fairly quickly.

Congrats on USMA. I'm sure that Air Force one will show up soon enough.
hey after my first semester grades came in my cum. gpa went up a little bc i got all A's and one B do you think i should resend my transcript? would that help or are they already looking at my application now
I go to a school w/ a graduating class of 520. I'm the only one to apply to SA. In the 42nd district of California, only 8 applied to USMA(including me). Don't know how many slots the Congressman has, but hopefully this will help me :).
I am the only person in my class of about 400 even applying to a SA.
I'm the only one, of a class of 300 to apply to an SA. And the only one to apply to Air Force in yeaarrsss. There were only 4 of us who were competitive enough to meet with our congressman and go for nominations.
WE live right next to McChord AFB and Ft Lewis, and the area sends a lot of grads to westpoint....at out smaller school.... we have 140 Seniors, to my knowledge only 2 have SA ambitions and both have received nominations, my daughter to USMMA and the other young lady to the USNA. Both of these young women also want CGA and both attended CGA AIM last year.

From last years graduating class (also much bigger) there was 1 that went to USAF and 1 to Westpoint.
It all goes back to comp and comp states. Even if very few apply to the MOC it is not a given for acceptance...only 1 per slate can be charged to the MOC. I recall ly for the NOVA area they had @5-10 at least that were appt. on top of the MOCs charges, b/c the cadets were comp enough to get in via the national pool. That is when it becomes difficult for the candidate. You can receive the nom and not get the appt, but get in the national pool, yet when you go up against some cadets from thousands of miles away you will no longer care how many from your area are applying since the rules of the game just changed.

Where are you from that the MOC only had 4?

It would make sense that people from Washington would want the Navy, CGA or MMA.

When you look at a state like NC, it is evenly spread all the way around because you have every branch, and the SA's tend to get military children applying at a high rate (statistically --- not saying there are more of them, just saying I know alot of military children that apply to the SA's compared to the avg kid)
Seems many of you live in Washington. My son has a presidential and just received a nomination from Inslee for USAFA. Murray said no...any word when Cantwell will be done with her nominations?