Rear Adm. Yvette Davids Nominated as Next Naval Academy Superintendent

Going to be interesting to see if the Administration's "hard ball" tactic of canning the Space Force move to Huntsville is going to make things better or worse with Sen. Tuberville.
Look like she is confimed!

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I looked everywhere for that link - thought I had found it - page has been pulled. Checked other “usual official sources” for news of confirmations, haven’t found it. I smell an “uh-oh oops” or a false start ahead of a carefully coordinated release. This is “Navystore.”IMG_5846.jpegIMG_5845.jpeg
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Yeah, mentioned to DS who said he hasn't seen any formal news, oopsy.
Lol I google it and see the first paragraph of the navy online article that was deleted.

It said the Senate nominated her - so they got more issues than we think. ;)
Yea, I know USNASTORE isn’t an officially sanctioned .edu, but it’s closely aligned. Didn’t have it on my radar it wasn’t legit

Learned a lesson. Confirm.
Politics. Both sides can play hardball and sometimes one side has the bigger stick .........
We were on the yard this morning and heard they were transferring command. Based on the VIP activity level we saw, which was extreme, could that be? Has anyone heard confirmation of this?
Did you see the posts today about the Acting SUP for USNA? I didn't see it on Facebook but on Instagram. Last evening, they bid farewell to SUP Buck and Admiral Kacher was mentioned as the acting SUP but they have since edited that post to just note congrats to Kacher. He is a USNA class of 1990 alumni. Interesting that they edited the post and even removed a photo of Kacher standing alone on the stage.