Received appointment... and an F+ in calculus


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Nov 3, 2008
So today I received my official appointment to USMA. i couldn't contain myself, it was an amazing package. I already sent out the first response saying I plan on accepting the appointment, as west point was always my first choice. Unfortunately, the semester is ending and it looks like I will have an F+ in AP Calculus, maybe a D if i'm lucky. I really tried hard, i only took the class to prepare me for Calculus at west point as I was only recommended for regular level calculus.

Basically my questions are this. First, is an F+ in AP Calc grounds for rescinding my application? If so, I believe i can drop down to regular level calculs and my grade would be raised to a C. Second, do I need to submit a midyear transcript? I'm sure I can bring my grade up to a C by the final grade, and then i would just submit that, if possible. Thanks for any help, I really wanna do all i can to not lose this appointment.
What is your overall gpa if you don't mine me asking...a D (at the most) in AP calc with an appointment to West Point is impressive.
My GPA has never been particularly strong, but I've always had good classes and test scores. I have a B+ in AP Psych and AP Gov and C in AP French V and AP Literature, not too great.
as long as you didn't get comparable grades in your other classes, it is still to be commended. my ap calc teacher says BC is the hardest ap class, but i beg to differ in light of the "awesome" times i've had in ap chem and ap physics c.

i just mailed in my 7th semester grades, though i don't have an appointment i'm on the wait list, my grades are for your comparison since i see some same classes:

ap phys c: 80
ap lit: 102
ap death-to-calc: 80
ap german: 102
ap env. science: 95
ap econ: 84

and keep in mind they add 10 points to our final grade, which is what that is. does anyone else's school do that too?
I'm already got a B in my 9th grade Gifted Geometry class...I'm afraid of what I'll get in AP Calc? Should I be afraid or were any of you's grades comparable in 9th?
I'm already got a B in my 9th grade Gifted Geometry class...I'm afraid of what I'll get in AP Calc? Should I be afraid or were any of you's grades comparable in 9th?

Don't worry about it. I've never gotten a B in math and I still received my appointment. Focus on what your good at.
Geometry and Calculus are not very similar....aka, I enjoyed Geometry.
hey i'm in the same boat as you. I received my appointment last week...but my semester grade for IB Math Higher Level (Multi-variable calc) is a D+. I'm not doing so hot in any of my other classes--i have mostly B's and B+'s. Don't know whats wrong with me this year, i'm still working my butt off...i've gotten straight A's from freshman year to junior year.
I'm on the same boat too man, my gpa has never been strong... Dunno why but senior year classes seems to be harder than my junior year. But just got a letter saying i was QQQ, and a nom :)
Hey, just a word of encouragement to you Candidate Appointees and Nominees. Ya'll are taking some very difficult classes. And believe it or not, getting a few bad grades now (and gutting it out and improving those grades) is good preparation for the mental challenges you will face at West Point. :wink:

milesthang, go see your calculus teacher and find out if you have an F or a D. High school students typically struggle in calculus...I suspect most teachers have to curve the grades.

Also, get out your appointment letter and see if you are asked to send in your 7th semester grades. Look also on your candidate portal. West Point is very specific in their written directions. Do what they ask and if you are not sure, call or email your Admissions Officer.

Now, an F or a D are worrisome in that they may indicate you are not understanding the calculus, but, in my opinion, neither grade will cause West Point to rescind your appointment IF you are making every effort to improve. Are you in tutoring and/or after school help sessions with your teacher? If not, schedule extra help right away.

The AP calculus exam is in May. There are only about 10-12 weeks of instruction left. You have already covered most of the dropping down a level may not be beneficial. Talk to your teacher and your MALO about that option. Asking for help is also good practice for success in academics at West Point. :thumb:

Best of luck to you all and congratulations on receiving appointments to West Point!!


Mchansard - six APs?! - Is your calc AB or BC?

2012cadet - you will be fine if you review your math notes every night, do the assigned homework even if it is not collected, and make time to get help when you need it. :thumb:
Let me ask this question then: Has anybody ever lost an appointment, coming off an LOA, because of a bad grade(s) senior year?
that is very legit question, i think it'll help him actually find his answer.

and my calc is BC...oh how i wish it was AB.
i didn't even know you could get an F+ in a class...
i think it means you fought for it. some kids just do nothing and an F, but those who at least attempt or crank it out at the end- now that is an F+.
do you get an F- then? for us, it's just a straight F. you don't fail slightly (F+) or horribly (F-)...
...but my semester grade for IB Math Higher Level (Multi-variable calc) is a D+...

Thank God there is no multi-variable calculus in math hl, I don't know what you were talking about, he-he, your brain would be oozing out of your ears by now if it were otherwise.

Be happy that you got a D+, and pray that you won't validate math hl this summer. Taking calc 3 in your 1st semester at the academy could be very detrimental to your mental health :wink:.

I was kidding, of course, and you better start getting decent grades after you nail those integrivatives. I know some teachers do probability and discrete mathematics during the final semester, so you might get a brake then.

Hang in there!!!!
Taking calc 3 in your 1st semester at the academy could be very detrimental to your mental health :wink:.

You won't. Everyone takes a validation test. The vast majority of plebes will take Math modeling/intro to calculus.
If you test out of that course by scoring extremely high on the validation test then you will be placed in Calc II.
The vast majority of kids who take Calc I during high school will take it again at West Point.