Recently diagnosed with adhd, currently enlisted Army reservist.


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Jan 18, 2022
I was recently diagnosed with adhd, the psych recommends medication, as does my pcp. My ETS date is coming up soon and I honestly haven’t made my mind up on if I’ll reup or not these are my main concerns;

1: If I ets and decide to come back in at a later date, would the use of the medication make me ineligible? If so for how long after ceasing medication?

2: if I start taking the medication will it bar me from extending my contract? What about possibly changing mos and other schools?

I’m leaning towards staying in, but I also want to try the medication. I’m able to perform my duties without it as I’ve lived my entire 26 years up to this point without a diag. However I did fail my original 68c ait, it was definitely an attention issue.

Just a lowly e4 trying to find his way. Thanks in advance for any insight.
Never just a lowly E4!!!:):)

Perfect questions, but those questions need to be asked directly to:

a. Your PCP
b. Your reenlistment NCO

Reason? They have the current knowledge of current policies instead of "what used to be" and speculation.:wiggle: