Rejection from West Point...

Uhhhh, if you are interested in usma, I sure as heck would make the time to send your school an email and request that transcripts be mailed ASAP. You don’t want to close doors, unless you DO want to close doors!
@u4Army2k18 Did you send your transcript yet? A few years ago, the goat was a guy who had been notified of his acceptance the day prior to R-Day...sort of R-1 Day. Seriously, send your transcript...
The portal has requested an 8th semester transcript since May 15. I graduated May 24 but since then I’ve been busy with family gatherings and Celebrations so I haven’t been able to request one from my high school.
Better get on it.
Ask your school if they can send it electronically while you wait. Don't fool around and not be ready...just in case. I am sure that you are planning on using your Army ROTC scholarship at a GREAT School--where you will be very happy and become a wonderful officer. However...on the off don't want to miss it. Also, email your Regional guy...and let him know you did this (and that you have a great plan in place) and are still interested and ready should West Point come knocking.
@DrMom yes I have a great plan B and will be using a 3 yr for a private college.

@shock-n-awe I contacted my RC, the Admissions Team and my high school this morning regarding the transcript. Hopefully someone responds soon.

Thank you all for your help, I’ll post something if everything works out
@u4Army2k18 Good news. already has worked out...right? Sounds like a great plan.
Now West Point becomes the back up plan...maybe you will get a call--and then you will have to think...
Either was...GO ARMY!
@DrMom yes my Plan B (now plan A) worked out great and USMA is now Plan B (was plan A). No matter what happens, I would be happy with either plan :)