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Feb 20, 2016
Just out of curiosity, how much do you think all of those medals weigh? And stupid question number #874, do they jingle when walking? I love seeing a woman get to this level of leadership! It makes me hopeful DD is on the right path!
Maybe not a ton, but a lot. They jingle as well. Not that you won't anyway, but they force you to sit and stand upright.
Yes, they jiggle and make a ton a noise. It's annoying as heck. They weigh a good amount but nothing bad.
When everyone is very junior, enlisted or officer, they wish they get more medals and ribbons so they look more "salty" and less like a newbie. When they get higher in ranks and have been around the block a few time they start to realize it's a pain to maintain rows and rows of them and it gets quite expensive.

Isn't that similar to kids wanting to look/act older and it reverses when people get older? Weird, but I digress!
It was a regular chunk of change to Ultra Thin every year or so. No complaints, part of life in uniform!

That too was a rite of passage, going from rigging my own ribbons and large and miniature medal racks to having enough where I wanted them to look all shipshape and bristol.
After my last deployment I actually updated all mine. I didn't do too shabby for 5 years. They are expensive and a pain. I think I only wore the full set of ribbons and medals once to a wedding. I think I have earned 3 additional after I separated for unit awards.
I am a frequent customer of ultrathin for my ribbons. One set for regular use and another set for my dress uniform. At the uniform shop in Pearl Harbor they have all the actual ribbons, regular and miniature, that they mount your medals for you there. They actually look better than if ordered from ultrathin.
I have eight medals and ribbons and have never worn them although I do have them in a shadow box. The medals themselves are expensive but they will look good on the casket. Medals of America is a good place to try for a great display.
I don't want to be buried or burned with them but I have seen many displayed at the funeral. Hope one of the kids keep them.
If you have a combined 35 medals and ribbons, you know they are heavy when you wear them in large medals.

Edit: he only has 6 ribbons, the rest are all medals!


Even the minis would be heavy with all that salad. My Training Instructor Badge would never melt but it was heavy every day.
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In the AF, we wear the miniatures...and only on the "mess dress" uniform.