Status Confusion

Jan 26, 2020
I’ve already completed my exams and for a while I was under “complete and on hold” through DODMETS. I had missed a parent signature which I quickly turned in and was fixed after about a week. However, my status was still on hold since the doctor needed to do something and it was two weeks before he was back in office. Yesterday, I logged in my account to see that my status was changed to “complete” finally after the doctor had apparently done what was needed. However, today I logged in to see if my case was sent to DoDMERB and it was back to “complete and on hold!” It was a struggle to find out what I had to do just to submit one signature and I’m getting frustrated since it has been nearly 3 weeks of being on hold with little to no communication. Should I be worried about this change back to on hold or just keep waiting? I also don’t want to annoy my CiV team case manager. Any help is appreciated.
Look at the first thread in this sub- forum and follow directions there. Mr. Mullen will help you from there.
bluejayburrito - Have your email. Will reply later tonight :wiggle: