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    DODMETS Timeframe

    Just finished both exams. How long does it take for DODMETS to receive the DODMERB information? When will my status be reflected on my portal? Thank you
  2. B

    Remedial Request

    I recently was alerted that I had a remedial Request. They just want some documentation for a hospital visit. This wasnt a serious visit and I won't be disqualified for the details that arise from this. Does this mean that aside from the extra documentation, I am largely qualified?
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    DoDMETS Profile Help

    Hey all, This may sound like a silly question, but I was filling out my profile on the DoDMETS website, and it's making me select a service branch. I'm applying to the USAFA, but I haven't served in the military. For now I have the "Other" option selected and typed "none." Is this what I'm...
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    DODMETS: Don't know how many times the incident has occurred/no treatment

    I said "yes" to the question that asked if I had any past incidents of "Car, train, sea, or air sickness." I have never recorded when I've gotten car sick or gone to get it treated. How do I answer the follow-up question? I've put N/A for the "Name" and "Office Address" sections and small...
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    Transfer MEPS Physical to DoDMERB

    Hello guys! So I just came back from MEPS and have been qualified. My recruiter for enlistment told me that I could use the MEPS result for USAFA (I'm doing reserve as a backup). How do I forward the MEPS results to DoDMERB? Thank you for any response!:):):wave:
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    “Complete and on hold” for 3rd Time

    My status goes back and forth between complete and complete and on hold, and I’m still stuck in DODMETS. Should I be worried? I had MrMullen assist me during my second time on hold, and the issue seemed to be clear (he was so helpful and I am very thankful!). My status changed to “complete” and...
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    Status Confusion

    I’ve already completed my exams and for a while I was under “complete and on hold” through DODMETS. I had missed a parent signature which I quickly turned in and was fixed after about a week. However, my status was still on hold since the doctor needed to do something and it was two weeks before...
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    Possible DQ?

    Hello, I'm an MSII at my AROTC Battalion, in the process of getting my NG Minuteman scholarship and contracting, and this one condition I have is making me really worried about my upcoming physical in literally 2 days. I have IgA Nephropathy (Berger's Disease) and I found out about this back in...
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    Dodmerb not working? - A Great way to check.

    Found this website that checks if Dodmerb site is working. If you CLICK REPORT button, others can see that the site is down.
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    Private Doctor for Exam?

    Hi all Concorde has me assigned to a doctor and optometrist that are both over an hour away in opposite directions. With our insurance, a regular doctor's appointment is incredibly cheap, and my mother doesn't want me to miss a full day or two days of school for the appointments. I have...
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    Re-Applicant Process DODMERB

    Good evening, I haven’t been able to find any information on this in the forum or anywhere, so I am posting here. I am currently a reapplicant to USNA. Will DODMERB re-use any of the information I put on my past DODMERB Questionnaire? Or will I have to fill out new forms, and they’ll only look...
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    DoDMETS Printing Issues

    I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate, but I'm on a bit of a time crunch. I filled out the medical history survey, proofed it, and digitally signed it. The DoDMETS system then presented me with a button to print a final copy to take to my medical tomorrow, but the button doesn't work...
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    Dodmerb Help!!

    My West Point Application portal is telling me to log onto to schedule my appointment. I am trying to log in but it is telling me to wait on a packet from Concorde. Is this packet coming through email or mail? Can someone help explain this to me.
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    Status Complete-Hold

    Recently finished all of my medical exams and my status on DoDMETS has changed from incomplete to complete-hold. Is this a bad thing? And how do I deal with waivers? I checked off and explained my allergies and single-time, experimental marijuana usage. Will a waiver automatically be requested...