Trying To Join USNA or USMA


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Jul 17, 2017
So the problem is I'm trying to get in USNA but I have poor grades in my freshman year like first semester I got a D in Art 1 D in English 1 B+ in Math 1 A in MCJROTC A in PE and F in BIO and for semester 2 I got an B+ in Art 1 F in English 1 B+ in Math 1 an A in MCJROTC B+ in PE and F in Bio I plan to retake some classes in summer since I did poor in freshman year but I was wondering if I get straight A's in 10,11,and12 th grade with a pretty high sat score is there still a slight chance for me to get in USNA or USMA If I take 1 AP class and retake some class during the summer while getting straight A's in my next 3 years with subjects I'm suppose to be learning
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There's always a chance... 100% of those that don't apply don't get in. Straight A's for 3 years, and good ACT/SAT's scores would be an amazing turnaround and give you a great story for Admissions. Keep in mind, academics are only part of the equation -- athletics, activities and leadership are also important. Good luck.
You also need to figure out why you struggled as a freshman so you can change that in subsequent years. If you keep doing the same things the same way, you are unlikely to get a different result.

For example, do you need better study habits? Do you need to get extra help from the teacher? Do you have too many activities. Do you not focus? Don't tell US. Talk to your parents, teacher, guidance counselor, etc. and try to get answers -- and plot a path forward. Best of luck!