Trying to Navigate my son through the AFROTC College Selection and Application process

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by singerdoll61, Aug 23, 2016.

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    My son has decided to apply to the Air Force ROTC programs at various colleges. We are trying to figure out how to begin to do this. He is a rising senior this year. We have been investigation colleges and programs and checking to see if his profile matches the selectivity of the college and the AFROTC. It is my understanding that taking an AP course in his senior year will have little to no effect on afrotc scholarchip selection. Is that right? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    AFROTC scholarships are not tied to the college. It is tied to the cadet and their major. It is not like A/NROTC where it is tied to the school. IOWS, as long as that school accepts the AFROTC scholarship than they are good to go. They do not care if 1 college has 100% on scholarship has 0%.
    ~ It is a national board, and like A/NROTC expect @16-18% of candidates awarded a scholarship nationally.

    They do not take into account their course curriculum or ECs as a Sr. They only will update any new BEST sitting for their ACT/SAT Again, they are not like A/NROTC when it comes to these exams. No SUPERSCORE. best SITTING
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    I'm also "navigating" (i.e. doing most of the applications myself) my 17 year old's ROTC scholarship applications right now. I think (caution: I'm not sure) that AP classes up through junior year count but not for senior year.

    Maybe in the interview (if, hopefully, he gets that far) he can mention (in a modest, off-the-cuff casual manner) that he had AP in his senior year this might help.
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    While that is true, colleges will pay attention to it. You're not just working the AFROTC scholarship here.... and you also need backup plans if DS does not receive the scholarship.
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