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Jan 4, 2009
Does anyone have a list of all th different Uniforms at the USAFA??? Pictures would be great! :tank: :help:
Mess dress
service dress
athletic suit
PC gear
parade dress
flight suit
trench coat thingy..
PC Gear: Physical Conditioning. I.e. Sweats, Shorts, shirts, etc...
Trench Coat thingy: Just a long overcoat that goes over your other clothes.
Is there a long wintry cape-like thing too, an overcoat of some kind, or is that the "trench coat thingy?"
Not sure. I'm old; but in the time prior to Al Gore inventing the internet and when dinosaurs roamed the earth; I had 4 outer coats. Field Jacket/P-Coat style; Parka, Heavy over-coat/Trench Coat style, and a light weight trench coat style (Used mostly over "Blues".) Again, that was in the 70's and not at the academy. I didn't look at a lot of my son's uniforms; but the "Trench Coat" could be more of an outer coat when wearing blues. Unless they are referring to the "P-Coat" style coat. I'm sure hornet or one of the other current cadets can clarify. later... mike....
Not much difference Christcorp.

One long coat meant as an overgarment for rainy weather in blues.
Another long coat to go over service dress in cold weather (feels like it weighs 40 pounds...)
Thanks... Definitely sounds like they are the same since the last Ice Age. later... mike....
Here's what I could find. (Most of these are of my friend at the AFA)



(Doolies [Freshman] will wear this instead of the BDU)

Mess dress

Service Dress (Yes that is the Chief Master Sargent of the Air Force)

Blues (Yes those are the Thunderbirds)

PC gear

Parade Dress


Flight Suit

Last but not least... Global Engagement Chemical Warfare Suit
Thanks for the pictures but the global chemical warfare suit your kidding right?
Parade dress, service dress and flight suit are my favorite, they truly show what the Air Force is about (to me).

Question: When plebes come home for winter vaca, or thanksgiving, or whatever, which uniform do they have to wear? Do they HAVE to wear them? and what happens if they don't wear them?
We aren't plebes ;)

The uniform is service dress. You have to leave the academy in Service Dress and come back in Service dress.
We aren't plebes ;)

The uniform is service dress. You have to leave the academy in Service Dress and come back in Service dress.

Doolies! wow sorry lol I don't know what I was thinking.
But that's cool? what is the purpose of that?...just wondering.
Mr. Holland from those pictures happens to be my element NCO living across the hall lol.
I was reading somewhere that fourth-class cadets must wear uniforms at all times, even on leave. Does that mean when a cadet comes home, he still must wear his/her uniform?