VMI to march in Inauguration Parade


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Feb 2, 2008
Something to look forward to- this will be the 15th Inauguration Parade that VMI has marched in. I had the experience of marching in Jimmy Carter's Inauguration Parade in January 1977- Cold, icy and long, and the reviewing stand was placed so that we had to dress left and to the oblique well sliding on ice and slopping thru Horse poo (!) but the memory (and the picture) will last a life time. Very cool opportunity for the Cadets- congratulations and march well!

marched in Nixons second as a HS freshman (Guiness World Record for largest marching band) and Clintons first as part of the Air Force Reserve contingent. The Citadels Regimental Band, Bagpipers and Summerall Guards will also be in this years parade.
IMHO they were the best cadet unit in the entire parade. The look on our new President's face as he stood seemed to indicate to me he was impressed. My lip reading of him as he turned to SecDef Mattis was to say "Who are these guys?" ... Pretty sure SecDef Mattis said "VMI"...and then he smiled.
LITS -- I thought USCGA and USMMA also looked very good.